Peace is a Ripple

When I was a child my father cast a stone into the ocean and pointed out all the ripples that one little stone made. Fascinating, I thought then.

My father passed away over twenty years ago. Today, as I see all those ripples of peace moving around the world I imagine my Dad watching, chuckling and cheering us all on. Yes, he was a man of peace too.

From men of peace
And women of peace
Come children of peace

Then People of Peace

In our new world
Peace people move
From resist to assist

Peace can be a helping hand

Has peace a sound?
Has peace a voice?

Nisiti nisiti nisiti nisiti nisiti
Over and over
He tried

It Is What Artists Do

When something needs changing
Artists are there

Artists make art …
One might ask
Where lies the line
Between propaganda
And art

Artists play for change.–butant


Hope for Peace

Feed the children
Thank you

Celebrate International Peace Day September 21