Life and Death

What if we had a Choice between Life and Death

Prompted by an article I read at

I wish to respond thus:

But every person has that choice. It is called free will.
Where we often have little choice is the quality of that life and the freedom to live without fear, together highly dependent upon how we were socialized, our environment, our economic resources and any personal constraints that might influence our approach to death.

One of these constraints is curiosity about what lies ahead. Even the most seemingly hopeless person on the face of this earth can survive as long as he is gifted with curiousity and surrounded by the sorts of things to engage his mind and that peculiar non-thing we call soul.

Another peculiar non-thing is peace. Here is a poem of peace:

Just Another Rant

Yesterday I was politely reminded that my ho-hum rantings are tolerated but hardly the sort of thing that most people find interesting enough to want to actually read. I slept on this thought. So why do I bother, day after day to look at this world of ours and spend time meandering as I do?
If my only outlet is to research and think and write and even if my writings are seen as the ravings of a lunatic … So be it …

Today, as I read my monthly SI (Soroptomist International) bulletin I tried to personally relate to how it must feel to be one of the many women worldwide that SI is talking about. I tried to imagine what it must be like to live without electricity. What would it be like to struggle on year after year without it?

I was reminded of conditions brought about in my province (New Brunswick Canada) by the recent storm, Arthur. Some families were left without power for up to a week. This was bad enough. Even if we were to lose all that food most of us keep in our freezers, at least we had hope that eventually the lights and power would eventually be back on.

But to never have access to energy?

It is something to think about.

Peace Woman

During the last 100 years women have earned the right to a social dividend. This payment is overdue, not only for women but also for men. Every homeless and destitute man is some woman’s father, son, brother or husband.



Harp of the Spirit
History of Ancient Kings


As I look at the lovely paintings and carvings and churches I cannot help but realize that, however much they were inspired by a greater vision and faith, these pieces of art and architecture were done by the hand of man. I wonder whether the particular creator-man was compensated for his work, whether his belly was kept full, his body decently and warmly clothed and whether he was befriended by whichever benefactor was trading his gains for heavenly indulgences.

As I read the stories and quasi-histories that accompany the lovely images I stop painfully at words like “butchered” when some unreferenced passage describes the action of the “other” as an act of wanton destruction and aggression always against themselves as the innocents.

Then I recall those words reminding me that history is always written by the victor. As much as I want to openly feel faith, hope and charity for ancient holy shrines and those who are sincerely trying to preserve their history and culture, I am always just a wee bit sceptical.

In the Land of the Ancients, one place may be called by several names and its history retold through several distinctly different stories depending upon who is doing the story-telling.

There is the story which recounts the time when Jerusalem was a kingdom.

Once Upon an Era

Once upon an era there were some very rich men who were greatly admired because … Well because they were rich I guess. So how did they get rich and is it true that poverty is the affliction of the lazy man who just does not work hard enough?

So who was John Jay Hopkins

Was he rich? Do you suppose?

Hopkins was one of many Canadair employees.

Can acquistions make a poor man rich and a rich man richer?

Then there is the rags to riches story of Henry Krinsky aka Colonel Crown.
Exactly how rich was Henry Crown? Col. Crown was 94 when he passed away in 1990 leaving quite a legacy.

What about his son, Lester Crown? Was he rich?
How much power can a rich man buy?

How many board directors are rich and powerful men?
How often are poor people asked to join boards?
How many boards can one man handle? How many members of one extended family may occupy positions on the same board?
Does James Crown ever concern himself with such trivialities?
Why did James Crown step down from the board of U. Of Chicago?
Does it take a man with a longview to create wealth?

Did any man ever get rich as a result of the Manhatten Project?


Guess that says something about why the Peace movement was such a failure …

Was there ever a rich man who believed in peace?
Is there such a creature as a rich Canadian? Who is Pierre Beaudoin
A member of the wealthy Montreal Bombardier-Beaudoin family, Pierre is the son of Laurent Beaudoin.

So, as the son of a powerful family, did Pierre inherit a few perks that a poorer person might not get?

Hmm nice salary if you can get it …


Science fiction?

Think again.

When all the grannies
Admit defeat …
The field will be clear
For …

Exercising proprietary upmanship?

How about restitution?

How about copyright fees? What happened to old Granny’s share for all her unpaid work all those years?

What … Folly?

Not so fast
She mustn’t …
Granny having a foreign affair!
Noooooooo …
Cannot be so!

Who gets the boot?


And those who will not
Admit defeat that is …
Pills my dear


Watson, pills

As is …

Don’t forget to read the labels … And the disclaimers … And the guarantees …

“Pay close attention to what the doctor tells you … “That is what my old granny always advised.
“Health Canada cannot guarantee the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of this information.”

And … No crying over that spoiled Devon Cream … Just clean up the mess … oh yes … and pay Granny for her contributions.


Freedom to build bombs?
Employment for
Those jobless workers

Support for orphans?

And out from the shadows
More orphans were creeping
How many were there Granny asks
And from where did they come?

Freedom to compete
Education otherwise
Go for the prize
The rare old prize
The ultimate pay-forward
No time to think
The pay-back time
May never come

The onus
Onus on poverty-striken and powerless to prove that the world has not treated them fairly … It is not the poor who create the rules and designate the gate-keepers, who empower the CEOs. It is not the poor who earn the six-figure incomes needed to afford the lawyers and accountants and financial advisors and all their trappings.





Edgar Who did you say?

Subject to change without notice
“Without prior notice
No guarantee
Timeliness … Time …
May contain error
No Liability
Enter at your own risk

Sweet contract huh?
Why so secret
Why …
What …
What else
No need read
No need know
No need think
No need ask
Just sign here
Is what the man says

And those grannies too?
Did they sign?
How much?
How long?
Was it worth it?

Ask the shareholders

Ever wonder
The cost of peace
In Canada where
Loonies and toonies
Tip the scales
Toward the Land of the Free
And the home of the brave
Where justice topples
The American buck
Like a feather
So we compare
After all is said
Done for us
Done to us
Done in our name
Done without our consent
Or with it
What price have we paid
For those years
The promise of security
The promise of peace
What price

By the way … Joking aside … all those frequent flyer points … the grannies just might reconsider …

Submission rules? Which is what?

Give Granny just one good reason


Sing … Like Helen Reddy? “I am woman let me”. …ROR?

Visit the salt mines of Soledar?

… So grannies might want to experience Ukraine Peace