Harpin’ with th…Harper … The Rock Opera

This website is an ongoing story in the making of a rock opera. The author and main character is a Canadian-Celtic Granny elder who does art and takes life one day at a time, juggling ideas and trying to find her place in a strange modern world. Her silent and sometimes faithful companion is an Irish Magpie named George.

MaggieQuinn is the eternal youth that Granny hardly experienced and never really wished to leave behind but leave she finally did, and Maggie found herself frozen in nowhereland somewhere between the wishful dreaming states of wannebe and might-have-been. Maggie was the one always looking forward. Grannie is the one now looking backward. Grannie is crazy for Peace.

Art Space

MaggieQuinn on Peace Walk

MaggieQuinn on Peace Walk

Hand painted T-shirts for sale

212 St Andrew, Bathurst, NB

also for sale – strings and things

like picks, tuners, stands, guitar parts,

even a few guitars and cases,

drumsticks, drumskins, cymbals,

custom-made cables for instruments and mics.

Ever see a 2000 foot microphone cable?

Need one? Ask us for a price.

Open Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

212 St Andrew, Bathurst, NB


Piece of Hustlin art #17

Piece of art

Piece of art

Yes and a yummy easter dinner to you too, George.
I agree … it is a bit shameless to be hustling on Easter Sunday.
Sigh … Hard times call for hard tactics.
That’s 17 so far let loose out in the market with 7 to go.
None struck your fancy yet I guess.

Best of luck to you too, George.