Happy August 15t

Michelle …

Been so busy … Making noise …

missed wishing everyone Happy Acadia Day …

Getting ready for next year … Sharpening up my drumming skills … With a lille help from Michelle 





Happy Belated Since I am a taxpayer and my taxes go to support my PM well I take the liberty to share part of the email I received from PM Steve’s office ““Your Honour Lieutenant Governor Nicholas, New Brunswick Premier Alward, Quebec representative Minister D’Amour, Maine Governor LePage, Mayor Simard, distinguished guests, Acadian friends. “As Prime Minister of Canada, I am greatly honoured to help open this meeting of the Acadian diaspora, bringing together representatives of Francophone communities from across our country. Continue reading

Repeating Myself

French? Nope, that is not the reason I write so poorly in English.
Although one of my great grandgathers was born in France, I prefer to think of myself as Irish Canadian

Acadian? Nope, not that either, although I have many dear Acadian inlaws, outlaws (well around here that is what we call some of our relatives whose politics we disagree with, don’t you know … Continue reading