Harpin’ with th…Harper … The Rock Opera

This website is an ongoing story in the making of a rock opera. The author and main character is a Canadian-Celtic Granny elder who does art and takes life one day at a time, juggling ideas and trying to find her place in a strange modern world. Her silent and sometimes faithful companion is an Irish Magpie named George.

MaggieQuinn is the eternal youth that Granny hardly experienced and never really wished to leave behind but leave she finally did, and Maggie found herself frozen in nowhereland somewhere between the wishful dreaming states of wannebe and might-have-been. Maggie was the one always looking forward. Grannie is the one now looking backward. Grannie is crazy for Peace.

Maggiequinn Studio Closed

The MAGGIEQUINN Studio in Bathurst will be closed to the public until further notice except by chance or appointment.

Basic Income Week Art Event Happening from September 14 to 21, 2015 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at MAGGIEQUINN Studio, 212 St Andrew Street, Bathurst, NB.
Any artist wishing to participate please call 506-783-7944 and ask for Margaret.

Wah Demo

Need a crybaby pedal Wah wah
Need it for Gerry
Need it now
Well no rest
For the wicked
As I’ve been called
No rest
No rest at all

Gerry needs it
So said he
To wake the demise
Of Democracy
To test our heads
To stretch our souls
Across the hole
Across the abyss
To knit the net
To catch all those
Democracy missed

Circle of Life … Economic life that is

Customers are needed to support businesses
Without customers businesses cannot survive

The jobs are going? going? gone?
Businesses closing down?

People need jobs?
Workers need businesses?
Businesses need workers?
Businesses need customers?
Customers need products?

Businesses are needed to supply goods and service
Without businesses there are no goods and service

So … If a community wants to have a flourishing business district, It looks like
People need to become customers

Customers are needed to support businesses
Without customers businesses cannot survive

People become customers when they have money to support businesses which in turn supply customers with products and service and hire people as workers. Without customer support, businesses shut down and there are fewer jobs for workers.

Workers (People or robots) are needed in businesses
Businesses need workers to keep functioning

Businesses need to hire people.
People need to become customers
Customers need to support businesses
Businesses need to be profitable

Hmmmm … the Circle of economy …


Is it good?
I think so.
Check it out.

Says who?
Me … http://www.basicincomecanada.org/support?recruiter_id=1835

Artwork BIG Green BI

No haggling … A fair wage … A livable income … That’s all we are asking

The Ladies Room?
Certainly … I’d be happy to show you the way … Did you hear about …

Basic Income Supporters
From: Ann Withorn (Massachusetts) and Liane Gale (Minnesota)
Re: Basic Income Women Action Group (BIWAG)

As a response to the February 2015 NABIG Congress in New York City, we released the attached statement to announce the formation of this group. Since then, while also building local Basic Income chapters, we have been spreading the word about BIWAG to Basic Income activists, primarily women. We have also established a FB group – Basic Income Women Action Group. The FB group has not been very active so far

We are establishing a Planning Group that will help BIWAG be more focused and expand our reach. Are you interested in joining a conference call to discuss the future of BIWAG?

Please share this invitation with anyone whom you think would be interested in joining this effort. Also, we aren’t excluding men from the call, so if someone knows an interested BI man who would like to support this effort, please tell us, and we’ll send an explanatory invite.

Reply to either of us by e-mail,
Ann Withorn (withorn.ann@gmail.com), Liane Gale (liane.gale@gmail.com) or feel free to call Ann at 617-515-8177