Harpin’ with th…Harper … The Rock Opera




Please vote on Aviva.
If we win the money prize it means this:
1. At least one artist will have a paying job for several months.
2. We will show that Chaleur Bay has talent.
3. We will show that being artsy is OK along Bay Chaleur.
4. We will bring a new vitality to the Chaleur Bay region.
5. Maybe our young people might even want to return here.

Bring them back … To Miscou … To Maisonnette … To Beresford … To Nigadoo … To Madran … To Petit-Rocher … To Pointe-Verte … To Dalhousie … To Balmoral



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Thank You

I want to send a warm Thank You to all the wonderful friends and supporters who have been faithfully voting for me every day on Aviva. It is good to know how much support there is for artists in our community.

During the month of November I will be busy working on writing a novel. CLICK HERE if you are interested.

If you wish order my book at the special price of $20.00, please contact me through the contact link at http://www.chaleurbay.com.

Thank you for your support.

A Special thank you to Aimee who has been especially encouraging. In order to help me she has taken precious time out away from writing her second novel.

Thank you Bathurst and Sackville friends of past and present, Dolores, Lyn, Gail and Dianne for being the first to respond to my new personal artist page HERE.and here I am

So as I take on the challange of writing my first novel, thank you in advance for your continuing support.

Now what will this novel be, one might wonder … Will the author be writing one of those modern one foot in the grave semi-sorta-what used to be called gothic romance? Will it be a shot at singularity? Will she perhaps indulge in a bordeline bio because being a first-time novelist, even at her advanced age, she lacks the experience of writing about anything outside her closed little life? If it is to be that final genre, will she reveal the reason why finally, after all these years she decided to forgo slick professionalism and pimp herself on FB?
Who knows …

Sam Hain

Sam Hain? Never heard of the guy.

Ever been to Seven Dials
Are you that kind of guy
They asked before the pounce
They might as well
Have locked him up
The way they locked him out

What was it worth
That double-edged question
As they threw him out
Was he that kind of guy
How could he know
What it was they meant

Mixed up head
Created by the experts
Those modern architects
Of topsy-turvy world
That thin disguise
Of gentrified lives

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October 2014 Newsletter

Please share:

Spring Garden Newsletter for October 2014

Arts thrive when people agree to cooperate with others.
That is what the Newsletter said … But maybe it would be better to say “when people help one another”

That helps create a strong arts community.

There is a new website dedicated to looking at the state of the arts along Chaleur Bay. Please take a look. Let’s see what we have and where the arts might need a bit of help and encouragement … That’s old folk’s talk for “tweaking”
Almost sounds like tweeting … That would be nice too. Please go ahead and Tweet


If you have any local arts related notice or studio contact you wish me to post here, please let me know. It can be written in English or French or both.

This web log is about art and culture along the Shores of Chaleur Bay or Baie des Chaleurs as my French-speaking friends call our beautiful bay.

“What Art and Culture! It’s not like we live in Fredericton*.”
Yes … I’ve heard it too.
OK … Let’s deal with this. Must culture and art always be about comparison and competition?
Let’s take a look at the Arts in Fredericton.
Now there is a model for people willing to work together to make good things happen. I ask whether those same good things can happen here.

I am preparing to take a trip along the Bay and this trip is not about judging one place over another. It is about seeing what is being done in each community, seeing which communities are proud of their artists and seeing how much support artists are actually getting.

And what do I mean by support? Shouldn’t artists have to support themselves just like everyone else? Up to a point, yes. But the artist who is being asked to donate time and talent for every worthy organization out fund-raising surely deserves at least to be recognized as making valuable contributions to his or her community.

If there are not enough paying jobs to provide for groceries and heating, why would the artist not move to a place like *Fredericton, the Capital City of New Brunswick?


Milton Acorn

Milton! What kind of a name is Milton Acorn? And how do we know he ever really existed? Did he have a job? … a real job ?… Did he ever work for CBC? Did he ever accept an invitation to do an interview on CBC? Was he ever asked? If he had been asked would he have worked there? Might he have been fired? Why?

Was he a great poet? If so, was his poetry ever heard over the CBC airwaves? What, when, where, why, by whom?

Two more days George. Only two more days before I disappear into my turret … No idea … And besides … Would Milton really care … What would Milton say … Milton, who as far as I know was never even asked to read his poetry on CBC … Not even on November 11 … Well he was a veteran … From PEI … One of ours George … Surely he must have read at least one poem on CBC … At least on November 11

Then again, was he a veteran? After reading a biography of Milton from the University of Toronto library website I wonder. There is no mention of his having been a veteran.

PEI’s greatest poet! Says whoo? Some nurse? What do nurses know about poets?

Now if we could find that CBC had considered him a poetic …
Not even worth one show? So, whether or not he was a veteran, who are the veterans CBC has considered worthy? Who are the Canadian writers and artists and musicians CBC has considered worthy?

Steal … Those who don’t steal! But what are you saying … That the CBC considered Milton a thief? Impossible-not true- totally ridiculous. What if Milton had sued … or something worse … But no … He didn’t actually admit to stealing! Not PEI’s greatest poet! Did he?

And … He didn’t! He would not have dared … I’m sure he had nothing to do with publishing a book about some old plane that never even existed … Not even Milton would go that far …

Cease and Desist

Cease and Desist

Well George, it is almost that time of year and I’ve decided to take your advice.
Cease and desist providing free entertainment for the masses.

As of November 1st, 2014 I begin work on my book and I’ll probably be too busy to come by for our little chats.

You can still visit me if you wish …

Time of year? Oh, well don’t you know that the old Celtic year fades away on October 31?

… And every year on November 1st we Celts set out on some quest or begin a new project or take on a new job. Not just another list of resolutions too soon forgetten, George. We take action. It’s the Celtic Way.

Happy 1st of November George. Happy Celtic New Year.

Think of me as off sailing my phantom ship for the next several months.

If you really need to reach me … Try … http://chaleurbay.com

Health, Sport, Active Living VS the Arts

A contest George? You think that life is a contest between Health, Sport, & Active Living on one side and Arts on the other? Really? You think the only active healthy people are hockey players … Might depend on how much bench time they occupy … ice-time? That too.
Let’s face it George. We canna all be hockey stars. Nice job if ye can get it. Or as they say around here “GO MAN GO

Or maybe …

Go mamm go … Are there any women on the TITAN TEAM?


Health, Sport, & Active Living
So … You asked … What does art have to do with Health, Sport, & Active Living?
Think George … Think …
Not sure huh? No George … Martial Arts is not quite what we are all about. However, I did once design a poster for a local martial Arts Club. That was many years ago George. Sigh … Just one more in a long list of volunteer efforts to support healthy activities in my community. Artists do that sort of thing, did you know, George?

There were other periods in my life when I visited people who were in hospitals and special schools. The idea was to share my art gifts with them, teach them to draw or share conversations that perhaps only an artist might be willing to share. One of these people had never gone to school, living his entire life in a bed or a wheelchair. I encouraged him to draw and read and think outside his small room in the institution where he lived. I pushed his wheelchair on walks outside the building when the weather was fine. The only other activity provided by the institution was the occasional game of Bingo, which is hardly more of a healthy sport than Art, do you think George?

Think of Arts as one more option George.