25 thoughts on “World of Peace, City of Peace, Heart of Peace

  1. Does Syria have any deserts George? Any marmalade factories do you suppose?
    Why do I ask? Well somewhere I heard the rumour that Iraq used to have marmalade factories … Seems someone somewhere didn’t like marmalade.

    Sheep George? Goats? Is there any life left in those deserts? Who owns the deserts George? Investment? Who would possibly want to invest in a desert George?
    Disney Desert? You goota be kidding me!

    Well OK George. Invest in desert land in Syria and build some real nice community …. Errrr … Make that Communitas.

    Suppose J. Depp would like to go to Syria George … He could be like Moses … Was that the fellow’s name? You know that old guy with the long flowing robes and beautiful white beard?

    Anyway here we have a picture of J. Depp dressed as Moses … Yes of course he needs the beard … No not the pirate beard George … He needs a Moses beard … And playing the part of Brian Boru he gathers together a group of musicians and artists and the like … All good people George … From all over … Well he leads them into a vast Syrian desert … The new Holy Land George … Well why not a bunch of raggle taggle Gypsies?


  2. What is with all these rules and regulations and … OK George … I guess I get the picture … No guaratees anywhere anymore … I guess that is what is meant by freedom … Like it or not … No more safety nets … Think I need to put in a disclaimer George? …. How’s this?


    Yelling? Ok then what about.

    He who enters here beware.

    At the top of the page? But George everybody else buries their warnings in pages of small print. Why must I do any different?


  3. Still on the Road to Hell George … Fosus George … Focus … OK time for a pitt stop … Well George … Let’s think of it as the virtual Loo

    This guy … His face George ? Yes well we could use him I think … If he can’t act or sing let’s paste his picture on a clock … Hmmmm will lets have a number every 6 minutes George … Yeah a 60 minute clock … I think … Awww George I don’t really know … Math is not my thing after all. Anyway I like the look of his face and I think he belongs in my rock opera … Suppose he can sing?



  4. International Day of Peace?
    Yes George … International Peace Day September 21st.

    Well last year I celebrated Peace Day. At least I tried … Alone …

    No George … Couldn’t find anyone who was very interested. I guess people in this neighbourhood are too busy doing other things. Apathy George? I’m not sure what apathy has to do with peace.

    Here is something … A contest …



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