Presumed Innocent

Is this true? In New Brunswick, Canada, is a person really presumed innocent until proven guilty? Is this true anywhere in Canada?

2 thoughts on “Presumed Innocent

  1. Marc-Andre Chiasson says:

    In the case of that diabolical idiot who caused so much pain to so many innocent people this week in Moncton, he is guilty of three cases of premeditated 1st degree murder. No question of innocence. No question of proof required. Throw the bastard in a deep hole in prison and treat him as he deserves…without any form of human decency.


    • Interesting comment. So who is this “diabolical idiot”? Who is “he”? How do we know “he” is not a “she”? No question of proof? Is that what Canadian Democracy now means? No trial, no jury? Just “throw the bastard in a deep hole in prison”? So why bother spending all these tax dollars on new Justice buildings like the one built in Moncton? Hmmmm … Wonder what that cost! Methinks a building does not a fair justice system make.

      Why not just dig big holes and bury everybody who gets into trouble with the law. Don’t bother looking for the truth. Let the state the and the media condemn them. Who in their right mind would ever dare to object? What lawyer would dare to stick out his or her neck to defend someone who has already been named by the state agencies and condemned by the media?

      Why does the justice system even bother with the illusion of fair trial anymore? Surely everybody knows what a joke that is!

      Presumed innocent until proven guilty merely means that a legal aid lawyer will be appointed. Never, anywhere have I ever heard tell of media actually doing any research into how many hours a legal aid lawyer is paid in comparison to state accusers. How does that guarantee an accused person a fair trial? Do we forget that these state lawyers are paid by our taxes?

      It might be an interesting story to follow if media were to compare the few hours allowed a legal aid lawyer with the time and resources allotted to teams of lawyers produced by the state.
      Never have I heard media tell a story wherein a lawyer has gone beyond these barebone hours because he or she wanted to help out a fellow human being.

      Presumed innocent until proven guilty appears to be a rather empty phrase in our modern world. Why is it that media is not challenging this? There are nuances here that have never been really investigated by mainstream Canadian media. Why? Are they too lacking in courage to go after truth?


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