The year … This is it, George. This is the year. It has to be.

Oh didn’t I tell you about it?

This is the year that I work on discovering my inner Magpie.

Don’t you believe it for one minute. No not about my Quest of Discovery.

No George, don’t believe for one minute that this old Granny thinks that Magpies talk too much. Perhaps all they need to do is learn to speak in a gentler tone … Oh yes and try to be kinder. Yes George I realize the world is not always kind to Magpies.

Forgiveness, George. The key is to forgive all those who have treated you badly.

No George, you don’t have to speak with them or join their political parties or their religions. Most of all George you do not need to put up wth their abuse. Walk away George … Hmmm well OK fly then … Walk or fly away. Remember Johnathan? Yes George the seagull. I know you find the movie a little dull. But the book! Wasn’t it inspiring?

In any case here I am trying my best to embrace my Inner Magpie and you are asking me why a seagull would dine at McDonalds? Really George?

Well that’s where friends like to hang out. Even as they get to be old and cranky and crippled … Sorry George … Disabled with Arthritis. Where else are they so welcome ?

There is a lot of wisdom in some of those old birds, George.

Ok here it is … my first shaky attempts at a magpie poem … New genre? Hmmmmmm

A time to fly
A time to die
A time to be reborn
A time to love
No time for hate.

As old attitudes die
And false friends fade
You are reborn
Not to religion
Not to politics
Not to abuse

A new cradle
All the colours
All the sounds
Threads of light
Threads of music
Soft & subtle
Reaching into
Your soul

So Civilization
Rebirths herself
In the black and white
Shape of a Magpie


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