I came across an interesting bit of information yesterday. It would be too easy to become angry and hate whomever wrote it. Considering the mess the world is now in perhaps it might be a better plan to examine it carefully and learn from it whatever lessons it has to teach us.

I wonder whether this became the model for what the world would eventually become, so often hopelessly described as a place where the “rich get richer and the poor get poorer”

“The underlying premise of the Report’s recommendations is how to contain the minority through coercive measures. It consists of policy proposals in five areas: demography and national sentiments, political leadership, economy and employment, education, and law enforcement. ”

It was called the Koenig Memoradum.

Welcome, welcome, they say. Welcome to the Holy Land.


Mercy Killing

Mercy Killing

That is what some people and groups call it … “Mercy Killing”.

Confusing is what I’ve always thought. Two words that don’t go together – something out of “1984”. OK OK! I know I am boring when I inject my old mentor George into another conversation.

It seems our modern world engages in an awful lot of killing. Some might even say the world economy depends upon killing.

Then there are the renegades, those who believe in mercy without killing.
There are even some groups that believe in unconditional mercy. AH … But dare to join any such group and be forever branded by haters. No I don’t join groups so I don’t belong to any. I really don’t belong anywhere. I am just one more independent artist hoping for change.

Will it come with an end to killing innocents who are unable to speak for themselves?
Who will speak?

What if an innocent were able to speak? What might she say?Rebecca

Will change finally come come with article 25?

Seed Spreader

Won’t need that where we are going they say

As every wanna-be earthy, homegrown farmer will tell you …seeds won’t grow without a little help

So … We looking for help … Hardly a quiverin’ whisperin’ blade to be found (more on this later, maybe)

So we are are on our own … Left to our own devices so to speak … So how do we grow our home grown economic base … Hmmm yeah I thought that sounded good too.

What we did find was fertilizer … You know … The natural kind that springs forth … And no not always from contented cows … As we were saying … Well any do do is better than no do do at all.

Well aged do do From 2011:

Aged even more … Think about it … Where do Atlantic Canadian stores get all those carrotts and onions and corn and … well besides California …
That good old old very old genuine made in Quebec do do

Did you see this pile? Hmmmm appears to be a mixture from 2012 … Some traces well matured … Sniff sniff … Hmmm yess 1989 I do believe.

No no George … It’s too late … Lets forget all that old do do and just do art

The Garden Party? Well no it’s not off … But we do need help.

Help me put up the flags will ye George?
Hire somebody! Heeheeeeehaaaaaahaaaaa … Hilarious George! Don’t you realize that’s not how things happen these days … Besides … While I do realize that some operators operate on what they call … Hmmmm … Is that deficit financing? … No George I have no idea how it works.

Kraft Dinner? George, why is it that every time I try to get something good going … Well it seems you want to stop and eat … And no George I have no Kraft Dinner … Here’s the best I can find …

Pressure Cooker?

What pressure cooker?
Besides … What self-respecting Yankee Doodle Dandy would consider cooking up a mess of Kraft Dinner using a Pressure Cooker. Only a crazy Canadian Magpie … George … You must stop this foolishness.