Picture It

Well George

Would you say that any picture is better than no picture at all?



Trees & Ladders

Fruits of my labour?

Well George, it was my dream years ago to to gather up the fruits of my own labour and bring them to market and earn a fair and honest wage.
Hmmmmm … Never happened George … Trees were too high I guess. Stepladder? Well I did have one once. Somebody borrowed it … Well actually I took it to them … Did some volunteer work for them and the ladder is still there … Well I’d need a truck to pick it up … Won’t fit into my wee vehicle. Just one more round-tuit in my life. No George, they didn’t offer to return it. Besides I’m getting a bit too old to be climbing those trees.

I digress … There I was intending to tell you what I’d do with the proceeds of my long long life … That is if I had ever managed to exchange the fruits of my labour for a decent wage. Yes yes George I know … Nobody wants to hear a sob story.

Well it used to be that I tried to be prepared for the day my ship would finally come in … Sigh … I’d read all these long notices and collect the best advice on what to do with my money, how to invest it, what charities and foundations I would support, how I would …

Yes George I guessed you might say that.

Well I admit it George … I still find it tempting to peruse the odd bit of writing that might have been useful had my dreams been realized.

Here is the sort of thing I am talking about George:

Thinking of home

Thinking of home.

Sorry but I had that wrong. The view in this photo is not from the bottom of Bathurst Village Hill. It is looking across the causeway from the bottom of Queen Street just below where Queen meets with Riverside Drive.
The only thing missing these days is people fishing from the short section of bridge on the causeway.

New Dawn

New Dawn

New Dawn

Those bad Grannies … Those bad bad Grannies … I just love the dear old souls.

I believe …. well being the skeptic I am …. actually there is not much I believe unconditionally … Except that I believe in Peace and Love and Justice …

However, I believe we need a gaggle of Grannies in Bathurst, Gloucester County, New Brunswick, Canada. The search is on for Grannies who want to join a gaggle and meet once a month … Well once in a while beginning this autumn.

A New Dawn … In ancient times … and modern … is a time for Grannies to get together and laugh and sing and write poems and songs and make music and dance and talk about things that matter to grannies … Well might matter if they think beyond their comfy chair ….

New Dawn

In the dawn that early morn
When autumn had begun
A granny rose from her comfy bed
To greet the early morn.

Her arms stretched out a wide spread span
As she drew from her comfy nest
When others of her kind appeared
She flew to greet the rest

See you May 2015 in Gloucester County, New Brunswick, Canada.


How Do I Find Peace?

How Do I find Peace?
What do I Do?
Do I try to understand, do I ask for clarification? 
Do I do nothing and say nothing?
I prefer not to listen to vicious accusations.
I prefer not to listen to drunken babble.
I am unable to communicate with anyone whose brain is muddied with drugs or other addictions.
Do I do nothing? Do I say nothing?  Do I walk away?
My phone number is in the book, I say, call me anytime before 9:00 in the morning, we’ll make plans to get together. Every morning I wait. The call never comes.
Whatever I do I risk discrimination.
When I was young I was always there with a helping hand and a kind heart and a receptive ear.  All my life I paid forward.  I expected no guaranteed return, hoping that honesty and kindness would reap a good life and a loving family and a strong community. I was so often surprised and occasionally dismayed to discover that that is not how life works.
I am getting too old to fight anyone else’s battles or solve anyone else’s problems or even to sooth anyone’s imagined slights.
For my own peace of mind I turn around and walk away.