Glad you asked. People in Bathurst … Some people in Bathurst might be invisible. Take a look.
What are we looking at? Check out 0.0 in apartments. There are definitely apartments in Bathurst Parish. There are people in apartments in Bathurst. So, are these people invisible?

What about the figure given for unemployed? If only 70 unemployed women are accounted for then what about all those other women without employment? They must be invisible.

People working outside of Canada and women working in another province? Both appear to be invisible.

Then there are the invisible job applicants for all those jobs in the food department at Wal-Mart. These potential applicants are those who will never apply because they lack the means of affordable transportation to get them to and from work. Or perhaps they lack affordable and responsible day-care. Perhaps they lack the educational opportunities available in larger centres. Perhaps this is what really makes them invisible. A job at Wal-Mart might be the best opportunity they will ever have.

Another local rumour is about all the invisible good-paying jobs that will never materialize because Costco has been discouraged from coming to Bathurst.

Another group of invisible people are … What can I say about them … They are invisible.

This week the invisible people might be those who are unable to find accomodation to attend the Acadian Games in Bathurst. Rumour has it that thousands of people will be coming into Bathurst for the games and the handfull of hotels and motels here are booked to capacity. As a local rumour this is typical.

So? What will happen in Bathurst next May 2015?
Will there be sufficient accomodations for all the Grannies when they arrive for the Great Granny Gathering?
Will they be invisible? Hardly likely. One thing Bathurst is famous for is Hospitality … With a capital H!

So where will they find hospitality and accomodation? Might Granny suggest the Atlantic Host or Danny’s Both of these locally owned, combination motel/conference centres are highly regarded by the local Bathurst community as well as people “from away” who return to Bathurst year after year for family events and conferences.

Well now …
Bathurst must have
More beds
More restaurants
Those two tried and true

Where else
Might they gather
In their night-caps?
Give the Grannies
A bit more choice
If you please.

The newest Downtown Bathurst Best Western Hotel. Opened May 1, 2014. Downtown means closest to many banks and some of Bathurst’s oldest local businesses. Down a few doors is Nancy’s gift shop. Across the street from the hotel is a wonderful hometown bookstore and cafe which serves sandwiches and a scrumptious daily surprise dessert. Down the street is Captain’s Cabin, a second generation clothing store which began in the 1960’s as Roman White’s finer quality menswear store. Not far away is Tower’s jewelers, the source of diamond engagement rings and wedding china patterns for many generations of Bathurst people. Kitty corner to the lovely little park at Main and King is the venerable Bank of Montreal. The Bank may have changed location several times in the memory of local Grannies, but the friendly, professional service remains ever-constant. Just a short walk away is Levesque’s Barber shop, another multi-generational family business owned and operated by a well-respected local family. Across the street is Christies which sells craft and sewing supplies.
Return to the corner of Main and King and walk up a block, pass the police station and across the street you will find the old Irving garage converted many years ago into what is still now lovingly referred to as ‘Aurele’s’, the Big Deal Market where you can buy everything from bulk spice to fresh vegetables and fruit to barrels of salted and pickled fish. Keep walking up King and on the corner of King and St. Andrew turn left. There you will find the Bathurst Curling Club, home to many famous bonspiels and curling heroes of by-gone years. Directly across from the Curling Club is Music City which has been supporting the local music scene since the late 1970s. Right next door to Music City is Tom’s Karaoke Bar. Bathurst does get a lot of sunny weather and Tom’s backyard patio is a good friendly place to stop for a cool one.

Take a stroll up St Andrew and the museum is always an interesting place to stop. Head down Douglas and you’ll find yourself at the waterfront. Great coffee and tea is served at the Nectar which serves excellent food in two fine dining restaurants under the same roof.
Next door, between Nectar and the tourist bureau is small art gallery where many local artists have their art. You might pick up a gift there or at Chal-Baie where local artisans sell their hand-crafted creations. If a quick meal is what you want, drop in next door and try a burger served with a smile by Pauline and Gerry, two of the friendliest people in Bathurst. Depending upon the season you might also find the ice-cream store and the pretzel place open. Both have yuumy treats. The book store is well stocked with french books, possibly the best collection this side of Quebec.
Take the walking path across the bridge and you will find yourself in the oldest part of Bathurst, still known by locals as the village. Walk up Village Hill and notice that large white house atop the hill, This house with the dark green shamrock, the Doucet-Hennessy House, has been officially documented as one of the oldest and most historically significant buildings in the area. Across the street is Holy Family Church and behind it a very old historic graveyard.
Keep walking west on St Peter Avenue and you will find the local legion, malls, grocery stores and a varied assortment of other shopping and food outlets.
There is the Comfort Inn which is within walking distance all these outlets along St Peter Avenue. By vehicle it is a short drive to cinema, restaurants and more shopping.

What helps make Bathurst visible?
There is the Rotary Club

What about other International Groups inside and out of Bathurst? What other groups do not settle for invisibility?
What about the Raging Grannies? Are they ever content to be invisible?
I bet those Grannies won’t be invisible this week in Montreal


Grannies of the World Unite

Yes George. It is time.

The GU Conference of course. Perhaps the name could use some tweaking … From UG to HUG … Honourable Union of Grannies. After all, what is a Granny if not huggable?


We are now thinking about the book. If the Forward is to be written by a Granny … Who should write it?
One of the world’s many could do it.

Oops … Sorry … Granny volunteers are no longer available.
They are looking for an instruction manual

But … Why are they on their knees?

Oh well … No doubt they have a good reason.

Soon be time to get up off those knees, Grannies.

Let the Great Gathering of Grannies begin.

Where? Canada … Where else? And why? Because Canada is about understanding. Since Grannies have great need to be understood in these trying times, then Canada is the obvious location for the Grannies to gather. Respect too is something Canada can offer.

Pension security? George says he is giving it some sober second thought.

Justice? Grannies hope so … Needing work … A real fixer-upper

Click to access human_rights.pdf

Canada will do as Canada does … In culture, education, politics, health, on and on … Invite American Experts … In this case, perhaps a good choice might be the California Grannies

Canada will not fail the Grannies. Besides, Where else can you get a good cup of tea these last many years? “Only in Canada”, as some might say.

So George is reaching out across the globe to gather in the grannies. The Granny sites is where George begins his quest.

Here is a Farming Granny in Maine

Granny-Bot… well not really a granny site except for the quote:”as Albert Einstein says: “You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.”” … So … What do you not understand about grannies? Maybe try and think of Grannies as belonging to a sub-culture or a threatened species. Offer understanding and respect not platitudes. Some Grannies might be deaf but that doesn’t mean they are dumb.

As a matter of fact or fiction, according to George the Magpie, the discovery of the Granny-Chip is just around the corner.

Canada Grannies – Lost in transit … Now that cannot be true … can it? Where are all the Canadian Senior sites? Grannie sites seem to thrive in some other countries…. Why not in Canada? Suppose it is the brand of tea we drink? That hardly seems likely … does it?

And what about Art Support? Does Canada’s Arts Community support Granny Artists? So … where are the practicing Granny Artists? Are they busy doing other things? Making invisible art? Volunteer work? Cutting red tape?

I found one nice Canadian site…
Canada Gold … CARP … Not sure what the letters C.A.R.P. stand for …believe it is an organization for people 50+ in age.
The site talks about issues such as … Pension reform … Retirement security … Job Opportunities … Stable employment … Investor protection … CARP AGM tomorrow October 24th.

Grannies in … Africa A Canadian site in support of African Grandmothers.

And … anyone wishing to help Canadian Grannies produce the film,
Raging Grannies a donation would surely be appreciated.

Alabama A granny who plays the piano, loves gardening and blogs so nicely.

Traveling grannies with a gypsy heart and soul. A travel guide for Grannies who dare to trek the globe alone.

South Africa Just imagine a world conference of Grannies at this delightful- sounding retreat.

San Francisco A Granny is never too old to learn something new … and here is a blog that is wonderfully colourful as well as interesting and educational.

There was a
Granny photographer
from 1930s Germany who worked into her nineties. The quarter of a million pieces of the collected work of Leni Sonnenfeld and her husband Hebert were donated to Beit Hatfutsot, the world Jewish cultural museum located in Israel.
An Amity Conference sounds like something many a Granny could appreciate if she were invited to attend.

New York
Norwood, MA
Somewhere, last April
Massachusetts, November 1

Who in the world is Granny Smith?

Whether they are knitting or crocheting, Grannies who create and piece together all those squares and hexagons are making our world a cozier place for all.
The Granny Hex
The Granny Square.
More Granny Squares
more Squares than Grannies

The Granny Spirit An Ojibway woman from Northern Ontario tells the story of her Granny through film.

Techno Granny A creative journalist Granny who works in new and social media.

India Granny Students in India show respect for their Grannies.

Western States Granny Grannies in America go in search of their ancestral heritage.

West Virginia Granny a Granny blogs about a great writers conference that draws in artists and musicians as well as other Granny writers.

American Granny Abuse

Canadian Granny Abuse

Writer of the Potomac Granny

Button Granny

Kitchen Granny

Vintage Granny

Raging Granny

Granny with with with …Hmmm … Something

Granny Blog

Iowa Granny

Cosmic Granny

One might almost think of a Granny Convention as a whole new category. It might be nice to invite people who are not quite there yet but will be one of these fine years. Let’s think of them as Grannies in training. The more they learn about what to expect when they age, the better prepared they will be. Considering that you might spend half a century of life being a Granny, is it really ever too soon to start the training, especially if you are thinking about downsizing, and moving into one of those cozy little Granny Homes?

There might be many unknown Global Granny groups already formed.

It might be interesting to compare the pensions of Canadian and American Grannies. Not all Canadian Grannies are Snowbirds and not all of them might have as nice a home to live in as does the First Granny

It seems that the Grannies in Canada receive a higher pension than Grannies in Russia.

There have been many Heroine Grannies who left their home countries in search of a better life. Imagine a Grannie Convention with these Grannies sharing their stories. There must be more than one poor Russian woman who became a successful American business tycoon like the woman who might have said something like, “I dreamed that I went to a Granny Convention in my Maidenform bra”.

Library Granny There must have been Grannies Galore at the ISASA Conference held in South Africa during April 2013. Wonder whether you would say a flock or a gaggle … Guess we’d need to ask a librarian.

Peace Granny
Grannies across America are knitting stump socks for amputees. Get your sock pattern here.

Voice Granny June Foray has had a long and unique career projecting the voice of some of our long-tme favourite cartoon characters. Her book is now available on Amazon.

Could there be a just causelooking for a Granny filled with Hot P and Vinegar?
What on earth! Who let her in here?

New Dawn

New Dawn

New Dawn

Those bad Grannies … Those bad bad Grannies … I just love the dear old souls.

I believe …. well being the skeptic I am …. actually there is not much I believe unconditionally … Except that I believe in Peace and Love and Justice …

However, I believe we need a gaggle of Grannies in Bathurst, Gloucester County, New Brunswick, Canada. The search is on for Grannies who want to join a gaggle and meet once a month … Well once in a while beginning this autumn.

A New Dawn … In ancient times … and modern … is a time for Grannies to get together and laugh and sing and write poems and songs and make music and dance and talk about things that matter to grannies … Well might matter if they think beyond their comfy chair ….

New Dawn

In the dawn that early morn
When autumn had begun
A granny rose from her comfy bed
To greet the early morn.

Her arms stretched out a wide spread span
As she drew from her comfy nest
When others of her kind appeared
She flew to greet the rest

See you May 2015 in Gloucester County, New Brunswick, Canada.