1992 – 2015

Remember 1992 … The year we lost our innocents? Or would that be innocence?

Looking back to 1992 … The year that Canadian bankers became experts on ecology and biodiversity … Was that a very good year? For those who got on the green bandwagon perhaps … Folks … There’s money in that there garbage …
Money money garbage garbage
Money garbage
Garbage money
Nice Mantra


How does a banker get to have the last word on ecology and biodiversity? Too late to ask Mr. Strong …
So … Any other Eco-finance experts alive and kicking?

What is a happiness guru? You don’t say …


Spring Garden 2016

Snow will soon cover our lawns, our driveways, our walkways and wherever else we may enjoy spending our time outdoors. Do not despair. It will not last forever.

Spring 2016 is coming. With it comes an opportunity to engage in art-fare.
Chaleur Bay Artists are again being invited to participate.

As in the Spring Garden of Artists Festival 2015 …

A whole five months of preparation time lies ahead

View From The Boxcar

I recall a long ago time when I took a philosophy course that began a lifelong train of thought that still runs along, sometimes uphill, sometimes down. Like any transportation system it has way too many stops or stations as some people call them. On the way to wherever it is heading my train chugs along, stopping now and then giving me a chance to see what is happening here and there along the way.

Old Old Story

Bore belly button lint or a genuine attempt to understand where to find peace and justice in this world. Guess we’ll know by Wednesday.
2015 Annual Meeting of all the big talkers in world religions. See aarweb.org

That would be more belly button lint. If the little man in the machine would only co-operate or at least learn to spell. He insists upon anticipating what it is I intend to say then proceeds to speak for me. Sigh … So what has really changed for women who might have been scholars?

What has changed for the underclass?

Canada has an underclass?

In Hamilton?http://www.sprc.hamilton.on.ca/reports/

What has changed for Syrian refugees who went to Jordan?

What about jobs jobs jobs
Oil brings jobs
So they say
Build a pipeline
To save the day

Not in my backyard … Is that what the environmental folks in Ontario and Quebec said? … Did they really say that about crude oil from Alberta?

New Brunswick says OK to hundreds of CNS carloads of crude and millions of barrels …

Did New Brunswickers really say OK? … Or … Is that what Secure Energy Services Inc is saying? Did I hear someting about landfills and saltwater disposal and fracking ponds and … What was that again … Radioactive material management? Well now … Suppose all that radioactive waste eventually needs disposal facilities …

Any cultural backwater would do. Anyplace without those pesky artsy-enviro pests would be the ideal location.

So look around
Find some sleepy town
Where folks are nice
And hospitable
Where jobs are scarce
And artists are few.

Meanwhile … Back in sleepyvale … So close yet so far from Belledune some folks here in Gloucester wonder what is going to happen to our Beautiful Bay of Chaleur? More heavy industry creep?

Who will dare to complain? Certainly not anyone who expects to get a job … Hmmm wonder who gets the contracts … Hmmm wonder why we don’t read about this in our New Brunswick newspapers? Is investigative journalism extinct or merely endangered?

Who … What … Where … Is this Secure Energy Services Inc?
Dunno … Some American company? But but but … Surely we are not selling Crown Corporation held land to … No I am not biased … Not at all … Some of my best friends have been Americans.

By the way … http://canadians.org/blog/supertankers-set-export-tar-sands-east-coast-2015


Money? But but but … George
Who else?Grantee: Media Development Loan Fund
Was that a Freudian slip?
And the name of the Grantor?
Well how can there be a grantee without a grantor?
Common sense, George.