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Looking for Intelligent Life in and Around Chaleur Bay – Baie de Chaleurs Guest Author:Pedro Hennessey, prospector (without license) extraordinaire First, let us begin with a few definitions.…

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Still Waiting

Now December, 2016
Waiting for 2017

Waiting? Hmmmmmmmm … What for? Well waiting on promises I guess … A year’s worth of promises, no, many years, many broken promises.
Aren’t we all waiting for something? Hope maybe … Peace? Justice? An end to poverty? Respect for artists?

The broken promises are the most difficult to deal with, especially at this time of year.

Been thinking about the Oakland artists … They must have had hopes and dreams too. I hope their spirit boat somehow finds its way into our harbour. After all they went through, despite the fact that theirs was the greater tragedy, we have so much in common. Their ship burnt as did ours. Yes, I welcome their spirits here.