Yes George. It is a good name.

Wonder if JeyDee
has a Grannie named Grace … Farfetched? Uh hunh … Well maybe we could invent a Grannie named Grace … Pretend she is JeyDee’s Grannie …

Why? Why have I dropped the more famous Johnny for an unknown name? Well, you see George, It’s like this. Before I am charged with riding on someone’s coat-tail, I thought I would pull back. Never one to drop names in my younger days, I certainly should have learned the lesson and tried to keep my dignity intact. So now it is simply a very fine actor named JeyDee and his Grannie named Grace.
As I look into Grace’s background I will find the cultural threads that are eventually woven into the fabric that swaddles the person who is JeyDee.

So if there was one unique thing about Grace, it was her attitude to China and all matters of Chinese culture. When she was a child, Grace had a great love for China and ancient stories about China. No matter how humble a story it might be, if it was about China, she made the story hers and carried it with her for the remainder of her days.


9 thoughts on “Grace

  1. I guess that you refer to C.S. Lewis. I didn’t particularly care for some of his other writings and never read the chronicles, becoming somewhat familiar with them only because some of my neices loved them.


  2. Unh unh George … Nope … Grannie Grace would definitely not approve. Well did you see it George? The picture on J. Depp’s website. The girl needs to cover herself. Yes George, I realize … Yes I agree that many people are of the opinion that if you have boobs you should flaunt them. Still, Grannie Grace likes to see women dress a bit more on the modest side.

    Grannie Grace says it has to do with setting a good example. Grannie Grace feels that it is a duty to care for the children of the world. Part of setting a good example is in the way we dress. A prude? You think Grannie Grace is a prude? Hmmmmm.


    • According to a certain Magpie, there is a long ago far away tale told of a certain lady we might well call Maggie O’Connell … Born in the year 1766 in Kerry, Musster, Ireland, She just might have been a several times great Granny to J. Depp


  3. Sort of like a new beginning. You are so astute George. Comes from watching all those old TV shows, does it? Remember the old days … Were they really so good that you want to relive them?


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