Intergenerational … An interesting buzzword … Got me thinking …
Imagine if it were possible to travel back in time. What would my younger self like to say to the world if she had the knowledge I now have after walking through seven decades of life?

She might start by saying something like this:

“You, who do nothing to keep me safe from predators…
You, who deny me the opportunity for decent education…
You, who are the gatekeepers to all the jobs I might do well…
You, who judge me according to your own standards and biases and culture…
You, who sully my world and reward my oppressors…
You, who would bully and drug me into submission and compliance…”

She might remain steadfast in her own self-affirmation and add something like this:

“I have no need or desire to listen to your schemes or advice…
I reject that your manipulative and superstitious religions hold any sacred truth…
I do not wish to hear any excuses for why I must approve of your personal preferences…
I have no desire to follow your corrupt brand of politics…”



Or would that be retrospect? No matter … Looking back looking ahead or looking ahead to looking back while I try to downsize, clean up, whatever I think to call it on any particular day.

I keep finding bits and pieces of a past life … To an older person that is a way of saying “I was young once too”

So here I am looking at a pice of art I did in my younger days, possibly early seventies, although I cannot recall. I also have no idea what ever happened to the original. All I have left is a photo I took of the piece.

I was going to post the picture but something doesn’t seem to be working.

So then I look at a picture of an installation I did a few years ago incorporating something I had made around mid seventies. That too, does not appear to be working.

So much for my attempts to use “new” media.

Then again, I bet Facebook will let me post my image.

OK I hear you Gabe. Thanks for the memory jog. It’s not that I can’t do any of that techie stuff. It annoys me th even have to try. Well, I bet I’ve forgotten more of that time-wasting stuff than many people my age have even tried.


Warning Warning

Who hates Baby Boomers?

But why?

What did we do?

The big pensions?
That was the previous generation

Baby Boomers are not all so lucky
You will not be so lucky
Unless you are a civil servant …
Unless you are a politician …
An Indian chief per …

NO ! It cannot be true …

Let’s calm down … Take a deep breath

Slowly … Start again

The big pensions?
That was the previous generation
You will not be so lucky
Unless you are a civil servant …
Unless you are a politician …
An Indian chief per

You are repeating yourself

What was that about $100,000.00 a year?

Who gets paid $100,000.00?

… now that hardly seems fair when a senior gets $560 a month in old age pension.

Yes … You know OAP … Or would that be OAS for Old Age Security no matter … It is still little more than $560 per month


If you are
Getting old
If you are a Baby Boomer
Especially if you
Are a parent
Who has stayed at home
To raise a family.
Think the Government of Canada
Is there for you?
Think Service Canada
Is about to help?

And yes I did hear the story

The one about the Indian chief
Raking in $100,000.00 a year.
Cannot be true …
What sane government would do that?
Offer a retiring senior 560 odd dollars a month
While paying some Indian Chief over $9,000
During that same month
No no no it really cannot be
Wouldn’t that be a sure way to fire up a revolution?

Hmmm … Yes the song … I well remember it …
… From younger years …
Better times … something like …
“I don’t want to start a revolution
I just want to Change the world … ”
Well … After all …
They never really had to worry about money …

Did they?