Open Doors

Imagine if this were such a world that doors were made to be open and welcome to all.

Imagine if this were such a world that doors were made to be open and welcome to all.


Let Us Eat

Share What?
Not hummer! No hummers aloud. That too … Thought I was being polite. The thing the world needs more of

Hummus? By the way, what does hummus have to do with hummers?

Both are things a mother might consider examining very closely.


“The earth is our mother.” That, if I recall, is what the wise old elder said … Nothing about hummers … Nothing about hummus. Way back in the early 20th century … Who knew anything about hummus … Or about hummers? No idea, George. Still, something for a wise mother to consider looking at … Closely.

Besides, what is a mother? Think about it. She feeds you. She loves you. She protects you.

So here you go George …
Why hummus?

Don’t forget to share.

Lets Talk

Let’s talk George.

If ignorance of the law really is no excuse then it seems we need to do something about our ignorance.

If we are supposed to know and obey all these laws then it seems we must understand what the laws are telling us to do or not to do. Clarity is what we need. Clarity means that we need to understand what these laws mean. Clarity does not happen by magic. Clarity is enhanced by serious debate.

The expression “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” is what I think of when I read what is written into some of our laws. If laws do not protect the most vulnerable in our society then why do we force people to obey such laws?

That is what we need to talk about George. As a law-abiding senior Canadian taxpayer I expect some protection and service along the road to hell.

Your dime George.
A Quarter? Are you sure? Oh … A French Quarter …
… For your thoughts, George.

And now … As we near the end … A word from our potential

And do we forget about Ashley? No George … We could never forget about Ashley

Cat’s Cradle (2008)

And the beanstalk grew and grew as Jack watched on, thinking that perhaps he had somehow opened the wrong storybook. He looked down at the small box of beans in his hand, wondering.
It didn’t take long to decide. Jack placed the box in a safe place and began to climb the beanstalk. By the time he was halfway up Jack caught sight of one small patch of shiny red laquer.

Pandora’s BoX …the rock opera … Tah daaaah

OK this is it.

My Opus … Or is that Opis?

No matter George. It is a go. All I need now are the musicians … Actors … Director … Oh yes and the money to pay them.

Agent? What agent?

Sorry George … Don’t know any agents … Need money to hire artists … Went knocking on doors

Knock knock:
Answer: Nobody here.

Knock knock:
Answer:Not artist friendly it seems.

Knock knock:
Answer:Must be too busy with poli-phonesesis.

Knock knock:
Answer:Much is ongoing. Suppose that is an answer to “What is going on?”

Knock knock:
Answer:Might be the polite version of RTFM.