Lets Talk

Let’s talk George.

If ignorance of the law really is no excuse then it seems we need to do something about our ignorance.

If we are supposed to know and obey all these laws then it seems we must understand what the laws are telling us to do or not to do. Clarity is what we need. Clarity means that we need to understand what these laws mean. Clarity does not happen by magic. Clarity is enhanced by serious debate.

The expression “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” is what I think of when I read what is written into some of our laws. If laws do not protect the most vulnerable in our society then why do we force people to obey such laws?

That is what we need to talk about George. As a law-abiding senior Canadian taxpayer I expect some protection and service along the road to hell.

Your dime George.
A Quarter? Are you sure? Oh … A French Quarter …
… For your thoughts, George.

And now … As we near the end … A word from our potential

And do we forget about Ashley? No George … We could never forget about Ashley


41 thoughts on “Lets Talk

  1. The soap box? No George … That just doesn’t work anymore.
    Nowadays it’s the Speakers’ Circuit. First you become an expert at something. Well George … Can you just make up something?

    After you’ve worked at something for a few years you call yourself an expert, hire yourself out as a consultant … Voila … You get on the circuit .

    No George I really don’t know … Watch the experts … See how they do it. You know, George, you can learn a lot just watching folks.



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  3. What is a freedom fighter George?
    Is that someone who fights to free herself from poverty and oppression? Is it someone who bares her breasts to make a point?

    Is it someone who sells himself to the highest bidder at each step up the pyramid?

    George, if you were a woman would you paint a peace sign on your breasts and join a naked peace walk or would you be the one doing the arresting?

    George, if you were a man would you paint your penis green and walk naked in an environmental walk? Or would you be part of the well-armed SWAT team swinging batons?

    Would you be the board member/public servant who ‘co-operates’ or would you be the whistle-blower who risks losing

    What choices would you give those who believe in freedom?



  4. All right George … too serious … You don’t mind the jokes do you? … Because no one would pay too much attention to a silly old grannnie … It is when You think that I am being too serious that your feathers begin to tremble … Is that it?

    Problem is this … No George … Not merely a challenge … It is a problem … Poverty.

    And you know what, George? Poverty is no joke.


  5. Ok George … That’s enough … I know you don’t like me to get to serious … I do realize how uncomfortable you get when I bring up anything …. Well anything that is deficient in sugar and spice and all things nice.

    But really … Do you have to keep cutting off my connection?


  6. Volunteers? Where do they fit in? Well some might look like volunteers George … They might even be unpaid board members in command of some huge NGO trust fund and have an army of volunteers under them as well as a great deal of power over who gets the prizes that are occasionally gifted out.

    There are volunteers who help raise lots of money in their local community and send it off to some starving children in a refugee camp run by other volunteers who are working for the NGOs who operate the refuge camps.

    There are volunteers working for a lot of local community and church projects because they are people who like to give back to their community.

    There are volunteers who do so because it can be a fun-filled social activity.

    Then there are the bottom eating volunteers who are there out of desperation … The poor … The jobless … uneducated … undereducated … even overeducated …

    Many are volunteers despite the fact that their efforts are often misunderstood and undervalued.

    Where are the social policies to cover all this volunteer work?

    Pensions? There are no pensions for volunteer work. There is no income. There is nothing left over to save for retirement.


    “One of the ways” … What other way is there for a jobless person? What other way is legal and ethical?


  7. Class system? Well yes. …
    People with guaranteed pensions after working some years … How many? Depends on who you know and who you … OK George … Would that be WHO or whom by the way …

    People who have favours owed them.
    People who are invited to join a complicated network of boards of directors … A thousand here … A thousand there … Soon adds up

    People who are CEOs and CFOs of multinational companies and have limitless spending accounts and limitless power over privacy laws and whistleblowers who has a voice in this world.

    Then there are the holders and dumpers of stock markets.

    there are those who survive by juggling mortgages and gold cards and platinum cards …. Do you know whether the pipeline cards and the nuclear cards and the windmill cards and the green cards have been issued yet George. …. Oh oh … Forget that last one. There could never be another green card that might be confused with with something the forefathers devised now could there?

    Then there are the contract chasers.

    Then there are the working poor

    And the non-working poor.

    I guess we are digging into sub-levels when we try to reach below the working poor George. Might we call these the unmentionables?
    … Those who lurk in the depths of gloom at the bottom of the pillars that are supporting those at the top.



  8. Do you think women will be studied to death or will poverty and starvation take them first?


    Is being a bookie a legitimate occupation George. That might be a lucrative sideline … Taking bets on how long a person can survive without a job … Without savings … Without a home … Without food.


  9. Living in New Brunswick?
    Is no recent news good news George?

    Well the way I see it … At least so I’ve been told …Money attracts money so if all the media in New brunswick decides that the stories are going to be all about how prosperous we all are … Well what do you think will happen George? What stories will be published? Which journalists will be hired?

    No George … It has been a long long time … And yes I did once have the opportunity. I guess for a while I was a journalist … not really long enough to build up a career … Well besides the fact that I was not being paid a living wage for all my hard work?
    Hmmmmm … The truth George … I tried writing truth …


  10. Hey George …
    What is it called … You know that piece of paper or parchment or something that was nailed to some door way back?

    Way way back … Some fellow named Martin Luthor did the nailing … Or so I’ve been told … No not Martin Luthor King … Martin Luthor … Oh yeah I think it might have been called a proclamation … And no George I am not certain of the correct spelling … Hmmm could be called a manifesto too I suppose.

    Well i just found something I would like to nail to some doors in Ottawa … One door in particular George … Called Palais something-or other … Very large building … Very large door … As I recall there were two statues or sculptures outside thes doord, one male and one Female. I could be wrong but it seems they were inscribed “Truth” and “Justice”

    Well Tell the truth George … I have no way of getting there but if I could … this what I would print out and nail to the doors of every hall of power in Ottawa

    Click to access Pictou%20Statement-%20for%20Guaranteed%20Livable%20Income_from%20CWS_V23%283%264%29.pdf


  11. Well George I was so very excited when I saw this:”Supporting Vulnerable Seniors and Strengthening Canada’s Economy Act

    S.C. 2011, c. 15″ …

    Then I explored a bit further and you know what? …

    You check it out and you tell me George … What is this … What am I reading here? How does any of this support vulnerable Seniors? Sorry George but my little monthly brown envelope does not contain enough to hire a lawyer to explain why I should feel very confident that our seniors are receiving much support.
    Supporting Vulnerable Seniors and Strengthening Canada’s Economy Act



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