This morning a fellow artist posted a meme about fear.

Hmmm, thinking about this … I think, when it comes to fear, depending upon your stage in life, fear can change …

Imagine a young person just moving out of a loving, secure home facing the exciting world of adulthood and freedom, full of hope. As long as the world treats them well they might live a life without fear.

Imagine that same person later in life, beaten down by the fears that their youthful hopes have become impossible dreams.

Then, imagine that person in older age. Is there really much point in looking forward when those dreams of your youth are no longer realistic. And there is no going back. All we can really do is pass on our experiences and our stories in the hope that we might help someone else along their path. For that we need Intergenerational contact. Otherwise, what is there to live for?

If I were to have a dialogue with a younger artist what could I say about fear?

And if that younger artist were me, if I could reach back in time and talk to myself, what might I say?

So what might I say?

I might tell that younger person to be very, very afraid of things like injustice and greed. I’d probably tell her not to run away from these but to fight back, to not ignore negative messages, hoping things might get better.

I’d tell her to not be afraid to stand up for her own beliefs, especially in the face of bullying. As for abuse or violence or revenge, I’d tell her to walk away from these, not in fear but in gratitude that she is able to recognize and avoid such paths.

Most of all, I’d tell her she needs nobody’s permission to call herself an artist.



Spraw! Spraw! Spraw!
Errrrr … No George … I haven’t a touch of the croup … Buckleys? No thanks, George … No … Neither am I feeling a wee bit feverish …

… Slavonian grebe? … Colymbus auritus? … George, Are you changing the subject or has the fever taken control?

Newfoundland? What Newfoundland friends, George? When were you ever in Newfoundland? Spraw-foot? Colymbus auritus back in the fifties? … What are you going on about, George?

No, George, I will not apologise. I consider spraw to be a perfectly fine word.
Well George … I really don’t care if it doesn’t appear in … George, don’t even consider heaving that dictionary.

And stop spitting. Please

Don’t bother me George … Go talk to someone who cares.
What do you mean? Surely someone cares!

Spraw-Fest? Which Spraw-Fest

Competition? Why would we worry about competition? May does have 31 days you know … Plenty of days for everyone to share. Besides … We are all in this together, George, one big boatload of Spraw-nics as my Grand-papa might have said.
So if you know anyone looking into other Spraw-Fests in May … Check this one.

June? Looking for a June Spraw event?

An August Spraw-Fest? Would you make up your mind George … Ok August then.

Stand Up Spraw? Nope. Never heard of such a thing. Sound peculiar to you, George?

Then there is Gypsy Spraw

And more Gypsy Spraw

And more

Know something, George? This might just be the Year of the Spraw … Would you just take a look at all the Spraw Music happening!

Behind what borders, George? Spraw has no borders … Hmmmm might almost call it Spraw Without Borders