Spraw! Spraw! Spraw!
Errrrr … No George … I haven’t a touch of the croup … Buckleys? No thanks, George … No … Neither am I feeling a wee bit feverish …

… Slavonian grebe? … Colymbus auritus? … George, Are you changing the subject or has the fever taken control?

Newfoundland? What Newfoundland friends, George? When were you ever in Newfoundland? Spraw-foot? Colymbus auritus back in the fifties? … What are you going on about, George?

No, George, I will not apologise. I consider spraw to be a perfectly fine word.
Well George … I really don’t care if it doesn’t appear in … George, don’t even consider heaving that dictionary.

And stop spitting. Please

Don’t bother me George … Go talk to someone who cares.
What do you mean? Surely someone cares!

Spraw-Fest? Which Spraw-Fest

Competition? Why would we worry about competition? May does have 31 days you know … Plenty of days for everyone to share. Besides … We are all in this together, George, one big boatload of Spraw-nics as my Grand-papa might have said.
So if you know anyone looking into other Spraw-Fests in May … Check this one.

June? Looking for a June Spraw event?

An August Spraw-Fest? Would you make up your mind George … Ok August then.

Stand Up Spraw? Nope. Never heard of such a thing. Sound peculiar to you, George?

Then there is Gypsy Spraw

And more Gypsy Spraw

And more

Know something, George? This might just be the Year of the Spraw … Would you just take a look at all the Spraw Music happening!

Behind what borders, George? Spraw has no borders … Hmmmm might almost call it Spraw Without Borders


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