September 21

September 21 … International Peace Day … Leonard Cohen’s 80th Birthday

Now there are two good reasons for Canadians to celebrate September 21.

We everyday ordinary run-of-the-mill older Canadians love peace and lLeonard Cohen.

A new album!

We are also happy that Cat Stevens is bringing his Peace Train back to Canada. Welcome Back Yusuf. We love you still. Imagine … after 38 years the peace train is back on the road again … Surely hope those tracks are laid all across this country

That was written then

This is now … 2015

Still hoping for peace

In our little world

Thank You

Yes George, I have made my thank yous … Errr would that be thank youse?
In any case I did thank the world for all the abundance that was given me.

I did it in a song. Well yes, George I do admit that it was many years ago that my song was sent out into the world. Was it well received? You know how it is George. Not every piece of art and music is well received. Like anything, success breeds success. And the first success must be promoted and that takes networking and …. Shudder MONEY shudder … Why? Why would anyone ever shudder over money? Well, it’s like this, George … It’s the unknown that is always the scariest.

My song?
You want to hear it? Really? The part about thanking the world for all the wonderful things it had given me, a poor tyke raised by her Granny to be a good little girl and always ever so polite? … Then a student in a system that allowed children to be … Well never mind that part George … Then the young woman who grew into a successful … Hmmmmm … Well maybe we forget that bit too … About the song … Yes George I really need to learn to play it on my violin

The words? Ohh yes … Sorry about that George … Do tend to get side-tracked I admit … Yes the words …

Face to the sky
First light
Of morning
Knowing where and how
Life begins.

Whatever you ask for
You get … Don’t hesitate
To reach …
For your own share
Of Sunshine.

Thank you for being you.
Thank you for sticking round.
Thanks for the laughter
And tears.

Thank you for being you.
Thank you for sticking round.
Thanks for the laughter
And tears.

When things don’t go
The way you would wish
Join hands with your dream
And move on.

Whatever you ask for
You get … Don’t hesitate
To reach …
For your own share
Of Sunshine.


Ha! Tea 'n' Danger

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Harpin’ Without a Harper … With no Harp … The Rock Opera in Progress

January 2
A new day has dawned.
Some might say
A time for change
What was it
That old man said
Be the change?
There is in memory
From long ago
An expression
A French saying
Mette la table
The spelling might
Be not quite right
But hey!
I set my table
The best I can
The best I am able
With good wishes
Peace and joy
Justice for all
As I serve
What I gather

Times are changing.
2016 is almost over.
The Harper knave
Never arrived

All those years
We waited
In precarity
While all across
This great country
Ad usque ad mare
As some might say
Bad spelling notwithstanding
Even those
Who never took a stand
For or against
We waited
For the Harper
Who never arrived.

Another year has gone by
Quickly so quickly
It is now December 2016

Much has happened
We have no place

Artists and musicians
We struggle
In this place
Asking for little
Besides a safe place
To live and work.
For food they say
You must pay more
No one will tell us
Why that is.

What this world would be
Without artists and musicians.
Yes, philosophers too
And others who care …
Nobody asking questions
That need to be asked.

A Study?
Yet another study?
While we languish
These last few years
While they study
Us to death.