Artists Centre in Chaleur

A Community Arts Centre in Chaleur may be in the works.

Chaleur Region has been waiting a very long time.

This might have happened many years ago at the old Sacred Heart Convent in Bathurst. Plans were in the works until the Bulldozers came in and POOF the building became a memory and the property a parking lot for the beautiful new City Hall.

Years later we still have no Community Arts Centre in Bathurst, the largest community in the Chaleur Region.

Ahhh but things are beginning to happen, maybe. Facts can be fuzzy at times.

There has been some recent resurgence of interest in getting a community Arts Centre started in Bathurst.

AMDHHA has been working on this idea for at least 10 years so this is nothing new. What is new is that there seems to be yet another organization in the process of forming to bring this hope to fruition. This new agency may be looking at the Maison Doucet Hennessy House as a possible location for this centre. There also has been interest expressed that LaBarque in Green Point Pointe Verte might be a good location.

Several other local and provincial organizations and businesses also appear to be somehow involved in this move to build a community arts centre in Bathurst.

Personally I think it is wonderful that there is so much happening all of a sudden. The one concern I have is that local individual artists might be left out of this picture. For that reason I have begun to raise a series of artist meet ups.

My hope is that other independent artists like myself will be encouraged and permitted to also have a say in any plans to build a community arts centre.

The first meetup planned for May 11 is canceled
It will NOT be held …

We will NOT be meeting …

Since the house has been closed up most of the winter it might still be a bit cool inside so it would be good to dress warm.

We will NOT be meeting with … for artists who want to work in the house this summer, … and see what facilities are being offered.

Although the artist meet-ups will not be taking place at Doucet-Hennessy House I still support the idea that this house could play some part in the future of the artists of Chaleur.

The official name of this organization is AMDHHA Association Doucet Hennessy House Association by the way if you want to do a search. The house is an historic property and the organization has both a website and a Facebook site.

As for the next meet-up in a month’s time , well we had planned to fix a time and date on May 11. … But that one has been canceled.

Any suggestions anyone as to a venue for meet-ups?

I did approach the local Bathurst library with a request for meeting space but that was over a week ago and they have yet to get back to me.

Meanwhile I’ll be searching out other potential free art spaces in the region. If you have any suggestions please let me know Contact maggiequinn@rogers or call 783-7944

If you know of any artists who would like to join us, please invite them along to future meet-ups.

These will be informal get togethers. For anyone who can only spare a half hour that is fine. By just showing up to show support you are helping. If you you want to stay around for an hour or two to discuss future plans and share ideas that is wonderful. No fees, no committees no voting, no hierarchy, let’s try this.

Never Forget

I am the first artist-in-residence at the Doucet-Hennessy house in Bathurst, New Brunswick. My new exhibit opens to the public on Wednesday, July 3

By the way, I strongly identify as Irish. Yes, technically I am Canadian and one might suppose that today I would be celebrating Canada Day. However, for reasons I’ll not go into at present, I prefer to celebrate the Heritage passed down to by my ancestors, the Hennessys and O’Tooles among others.

The Don’t Forget You’re Irish art exhibit opens to the public July 3. Drop by Tuesday to Saturday for a cup of tea and a chat at the historic Doucet-Hennessy House in Bathurst, New Brunswick. If you play Celtic or Acadian music or any sort of traditional folk music, we hope to have informal music sessions on Saturdays from 2-4. Bring along your acoustic instrument and join us. Music workshops are in the planning for September.

This exhibit is open to the public from July 3 – 28 in Bathurst, New Brunswick. More about the exhibit in this press release:”>Irish Canadian family settled on Bay of Chaleur in Canada.

September 21

September 21 … International Peace Day … Leonard Cohen’s 80th Birthday

Now there are two good reasons for Canadians to celebrate September 21.

We everyday ordinary run-of-the-mill older Canadians love peace and lLeonard Cohen.

A new album!

We are also happy that Cat Stevens is bringing his Peace Train back to Canada. Welcome Back Yusuf. We love you still. Imagine … after 38 years the peace train is back on the road again … Surely hope those tracks are laid all across this country

That was written then

This is now … 2015

Still hoping for peace

In our little world

Thank You

Yes George, I have made my thank yous … Errr would that be thank youse?
In any case I did thank the world for all the abundance that was given me.

I did it in a song. Well yes, George I do admit that it was many years ago that my song was sent out into the world. Was it well received? You know how it is George. Not every piece of art and music is well received. Like anything, success breeds success. And the first success must be promoted and that takes networking and …. Shudder MONEY shudder … Why? Why would anyone ever shudder over money? Well, it’s like this, George … It’s the unknown that is always the scariest.

My song?
You want to hear it? Really? The part about thanking the world for all the wonderful things it had given me, a poor tyke raised by her Granny to be a good little girl and always ever so polite? … Then a student in a system that allowed children to be … Well never mind that part George … Then the young woman who grew into a successful … Hmmmmm … Well maybe we forget that bit too … About the song … Yes George I really need to learn to play it on my violin

The words? Ohh yes … Sorry about that George … Do tend to get side-tracked I admit … Yes the words …

Face to the sky
First light
Of morning
Knowing where and how
Life begins.

Whatever you ask for
You get … Don’t hesitate
To reach …
For your own share
Of Sunshine.

Thank you for being you.
Thank you for sticking round.
Thanks for the laughter
And tears.

Thank you for being you.
Thank you for sticking round.
Thanks for the laughter
And tears.

When things don’t go
The way you would wish
Join hands with your dream
And move on.

Whatever you ask for
You get … Don’t hesitate
To reach …
For your own share
Of Sunshine.


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