What is that saying about the only good artist

is a …

Stop right there!

I have not moved to Colorado. I am still living in New Brunswick, Canada.

As far as I see
There cannot be more
Than one of me
However … indeed …
It seems to be
There is at least
One of me
More than one Maggie Quinn.
Who knows … There may be many.
871 some say
Ah but that was yesterday
Go placidly … Some too said
Remember what peace … Some other
Be gentle with yourself
You are a child

Reminder of the Desiderata …
Of the universal Hoax? So?
The part that goes something like …
There will always be greater
And lesser persons
Than yourself.

The idea
To embrace
Not compete

Thus … I embrace
Maggie Quinn of Colorado
I welcome you
I am happy for your success
I understand that you are receiving considerable support from your Downtown Development Authority … Ahhh to be so lucky … Yes I really am happy for you. Speaking from one artist to another … I can see that you have “Arrived” Good for you!

Wish I could be there!

Did I read somewhere that there are 871 Maggie Quinns in the world? The thought just struck that maybe some of these fine Maggies might like to get together and plan a workshop
Well, Ok … So we are not yet as famous as Elvis … But even he had to start somewhere …

Hmmm just in the process of reading something … Love the ring of “Participation, Power and Social Change Team” …


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