Chaleur Festival

Almost 2016
Time to start Planning our 2nd Annual Spring Garden Art Festival

Chaleur Festival Of Artists May 2016

Central location Bathurst NB, Canada.

We are looking for artists, musicians, volunteers and sponsors.

Further details will be posted on this website.
Head office will be located at:
the 212 St. Andrew Street Studio, Bathurst
The studio will re-open by March 31, 2016.

Meanwhile, Anyone interested in participating,
please send your contact information to us care of
Musk Enterprises
P.O. Box 422,
Bathurst NB
E2A3Z3, Canada

Entitled or Not

She says …

Who says?
Anna Hedge

Who is she?

Anna Hedge is an economist and author of the blog EconomistaDentata … She is @drlangtry_girl on Twitter.

So what does she say?

She speaks about … Well read her words and decide for yourself what she is saying …

“Financial control, ranging from outright appropriation to coercive control of a couples’ finances, to a women being forbidden to work outside the home, is a known feature of abuse.”

Years ago I would have agreed with this statement. In the Canada of today I would agree only if the word “women” were replaced by “person”. The terrible inequalities and abuses that were suffered were actually about abuse of power. They still are. Now, as well as “stay-at-home-moms”, we also have plenty of “stay-at-home dads” who have given up their careers.

Au Coeur Tendre

Au coeur doux … That is his major fault according to some … The man with the soft heart.
In a world that thirsts for blood and power the soft-hearted man is an object of scorn.

Ah … But … Tis the season
That scruffy little dove
Sticks out her neck
At least she tries
But can she survive
Can she bring peace
When all those lies
Threaten, scorn, then
Beat her down

Can she rise
And try again?

Lost & Burnt

Lost … burnt

Lost? Yes George, that is it, lost.

It’s like this … Here I am … The little woman … Well that’s what they used to call us once upon a time … That is how women on my generation were socialized … The little woman … Stay at home … Care for the kids … Volunteer … So many good causes …

Where are we now?
Well … This old Granny is trying … Quite desperately perhaps … To make music. Beautiful music? Hmmm depends upon the eye of the beholder, so they say.

So there I was, trying to get an especially difficult passage … Guess what? Supper burnt.

So what is one burnt meal out of thousands …
Today is another day … In the kitchen or the music room

Here is the Pizza I made us for supper, cheese to be added …

Let’s just say it’s another Pizza art


The amazing pizza made with making music while the dough raised

It’s fuzzy because … Well just because my idea of cooking is that it’s one way of spreading love and happiness throughout the known universe …. Hmmmm … And beyond wish you were here to share

Margaret Sharon Olscamp
Dunlop New Brunswick Canada