Your words leave me nearly speechless. Here in Canada we are so far away that sometimes the stories seem more like attempts to rake in money. Your words really bring this tragedy home. I will no t click the like button because there really is nothing to like about the whole world becoming entangled in one war after another. You are right to remind us that love has no borders. Peace.


Coming home from Kos has been a very surreal experience. Of course, every experience in life will change you but when you step back into your everyday life it’s important to do that… to go back to normality. You get up in the morning, you go to work, you have dinner with family, you go for drinks with friends, you do what you always do and you get on with things. But as you go about these normal things you know something is different. You are maybe home in body but your head is still filled with what is happening in Europe. You are home, but a part of you has been left behind.

You wake up in the morning, grab a coffee and head to work. Someone starts talking about economic migrants… You take a deep breath and think about the soaking wet babies you met most nights of…

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