Artpiece #18 by mso

Unsigned watercolour & pencil artpiece by mso

Spraw artpiece

New Piece of kinetic art by mso
About 36″ x 48″



Piece of Hustlin art #17

Piece of art

Piece of art

Yes and a yummy easter dinner to you too, George.
I agree … it is a bit shameless to be hustling on Easter Sunday.
Sigh … Hard times call for hard tactics.
That’s 17 so far let loose out in the market with 7 to go.
None struck your fancy yet I guess.

Best of luck to you too, George.


Spraw! Spraw! Spraw!
Errrrr … No George … I haven’t a touch of the croup … Buckleys? No thanks, George … No … Neither am I feeling a wee bit feverish …

… Slavonian grebe? … Colymbus auritus? … George, Are you changing the subject or has the fever taken control?

Newfoundland? What Newfoundland friends, George? When were you ever in Newfoundland? Spraw-foot? Colymbus auritus back in the fifties? … What are you going on about, George?

No, George, I will not apologise. I consider spraw to be a perfectly fine word.
Well George … I really don’t care if it doesn’t appear in … George, don’t even consider heaving that dictionary.

And stop spitting. Please

Don’t bother me George … Go talk to someone who cares.
What do you mean? Surely someone cares!

Spraw-Fest? Which Spraw-Fest

Competition? Why would we worry about competition? May does have 31 days you know … Plenty of days for everyone to share. Besides … We are all in this together, George, one big boatload of Spraw-nics as my Grand-papa might have said.
So if you know anyone looking into other Spraw-Fests in May … Check this one.

June? Looking for a June Spraw event?

An August Spraw-Fest? Would you make up your mind George … Ok August then.

Stand Up Spraw? Nope. Never heard of such a thing. Sound peculiar to you, George?

Then there is Gypsy Spraw

And more Gypsy Spraw

And more

Know something, George? This might just be the Year of the Spraw … Would you just take a look at all the Spraw Music happening!

Behind what borders, George? Spraw has no borders … Hmmmm might almost call it Spraw Without Borders

The Good Friday

The Good Friday

Rolling back
The year returns
Of childhood innocence

Symbols grasping
Believing days
Whatever it was
Every good C child
Was conditioned
To believe
Else damnation

That singular Friday
That doorway
The choking smoke
Swinging in time
Magpies chanting
Following the apparition
Of horror
To remind
There but for prayers
Go I

Then the third day
All the pastel shades
Hope, joy, anticipation
Coloured eggs
And bunnies
Flowered straw helmet
Or scanty feathered bandeau
Perched or nestled
Above or within
Those fresh-sprawed nests
As new shoes
Carried them off
For an hour
Of ancient theatre
Then back again
To homely ham.

Days and weeks
Passing over
Good intent
Reminders melt away
Half-devoured heads
Ghoulish rabbits
Garish stone reminders
That cleaning time
Was most successful
And complete
Having gained
One more paid civic holiday

On Helping Yourself

Get a job …
Get a job …
Get a job …
Get a job …
Pull yourself up …
Pull yourself out …
Send your wife
Out to work …

Who needs help?
Down-towns that have been reduced to parking lots for civil servants lucky enough to find jobs

Artists need not apply
Except maybe …
Look Dick Look
See Jane See

that crematorium
In the middle
Of downtown

Parking Lot
Association Taxes

Where NBPower
Used to be
A crooked Cross
‘Neath which to pray
Where you my dear
Will rest some day
Unless you are
Too wicked some say

Thank you, kind sir.
Here is my plug:
From the land of sooty snowbanks …
Red noses not roses
Warm hearts
Frozen toes
And as we say locally
It’s the way she goes
People here
As everyone knows
Our region to be
Famed for hospitality
Put our troubles
In our pockets
For a little while
Though jobs be few
And far away
We’ll keep hoping
For better days
As long as we can
Cheer and smile
Please visit http://www.chaleurbay.com