On Helping Yourself

Get a job …
Get a job …
Get a job …
Get a job …
Pull yourself up …
Pull yourself out …
Send your wife
Out to work …

Who needs help?
Down-towns that have been reduced to parking lots for civil servants lucky enough to find jobs

Artists need not apply
Except maybe …
Look Dick Look
See Jane See

that crematorium
In the middle
Of downtown

Parking Lot
Association Taxes

Where NBPower
Used to be
A crooked Cross
‘Neath which to pray
Where you my dear
Will rest some day
Unless you are
Too wicked some say

Thank you, kind sir.
Here is my plug:
From the land of sooty snowbanks …
Red noses not roses
Warm hearts
Frozen toes
And as we say locally
It’s the way she goes
People here
As everyone knows
Our region to be
Famed for hospitality
Put our troubles
In our pockets
For a little while
Though jobs be few
And far away
We’ll keep hoping
For better days
As long as we can
Cheer and smile
Please visit http://www.chaleurbay.com


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