Was it Steve Jobs who first made us aware that we were living inside of boxes? I’m not sure. But it’s so hard to be sure of anything in this changing world, isn’t it? I guess none of us likes being defined by the boxes to which life consigns us. But hey, that’s life.

Two of the boxes that most define me nowadays are Artist & Senior.

I chose neither of these. The first box is one I was born into and shaped to fit because of the family and society that raised me. The second is the box everyone of us is forced into should they live long enough.

I was advised long ago to shed that artist box and get a real job. I really tried but over and over potential employers discovered that I was only pretending not to be an artist. As I grew older and society began to measure me for my senior box things began to get really uncomfortable.

Being an artist had been difficult enough but until I became a senior I had no idea how it felt to be a true outcast. But I’ve been a lone survivor for a very long time.

Over the past few weeks I’ve made an attempt to contact other survivors like myself, those floating about in their own boxes, trying to find a friendly shore on which to land and build something suitable and worthwhile.

I thought there was a solid shore but I guess that was merely an illusion. So these days I just float, imagining that somewhere out there are other artists, some like myself who have at most 20 or 30 more years of life, perhaps 10 more years of making art. I’m trying not to be sad over this failure. At least I tried.



As someone who was so often reminded never to forget about being Irish … Even these several generation later, I look across and wonder what it might have been like had my ancesters stayed in Ireland and not made a new life in Canada.

Would I even exist and if so what would my life be like in Ireland.

Today I think I found a little glimmer …

This might be a good model for New Brunswick, perhaps even all of Canada.


Yes … We know …
New Brunswick is bankrupt
Or so they say
No way no way
Naught left to pay
Shall we then move
To the UK

My take on this is …
What take might that be
Well now I admit
There are doubts within
Where is your solidarity
Have you no pride
Sink you so low

The bridges we built
Have fallen away
Our generation is lost
Have we nothing to say
Nothing resounding
Except to demand
A fair chance to all

Scrap that old system
Scrap it I say
What’s fair about it
When some have free dental
And others must pay
When jobs are dependent
Upon who you know
When some work their ass off
While others take dole
If the system you have
Is so perfect, so good
I’m sure you’ll agree
Then spread it out Further
Apply it to all
Giving basic income a chance
Let everyone in
Her him you and me.

The truth they say will set you free
Was it truth from my Nanny
My Irish-Scots Nanny who said to me
Never want to be an artist
An artist’s life
Is much too hard
After years of struggle
… Yes Nanny … I agree

Click to access Senior_Artists_full_report.pdf


Source: About

An interesting artspace in Ireland.

And from France comes the Hennessy prize
“Tuesday, 17 November 2015, one artist will be announced as the winner of the Hennessy Portrait Prize 2015 and will receive a prize of €15,000. The winning artist will also be awarded a commission worth €5,000 to produce a portrait for inclusion in the National Portrait Collection. ”

Well sure France is still Artsy. Check it out!

Meanwhile … Back in New Brunswick, Canada

“Across a variety of metrics, the profile of the New Brunswick arts and cultural workforce at present is not as strong as elsewhere
in the country. From an employment as
well as an economic output perspective, New Brunswick’s arts and cultural sector is stagnating while it has been expanding in the rest of Canada. The province’s artists and cultural workers are highly educated; however, their careers are characterized
by part-time employment and lower than average wages. The workforce is also aging faster than the rest of the country as many younger artists move out to develop their careers elsewhere.”

Hmmmm … Ok not to get too excited or anything … But … Been thinking about why … For years now … Well decades actually one power after another has tried to starve out the arts of New Brunswick … Especially those in Chaleur Bay …
Has to do with … Well maybe … Hypothesis? How do you say that in French? … As I was saying … There is this thing … Well not a thing really but something called bio-power … Then that really big other thing in France called cultural freedom …

Maybe gov is afraid artists in Chaleur Bay NB will create our own “La Demeure du Chaos” here … HMMMM I’m thinking we already have a good beginning with all those car dealerships along St Peter. Well of course you don’t understand, George. That is what makes local culture so unique … So interesting

Maybe … I have an idea George. Seeing that New Brunswick artists are in such dire need … Look around you all this beautiful coastline and what did gov do? Built ugly big monstrous heavy industry is what they did … Figured if they got rid of artists and doled out welfare to the compliant then nobody would be left around to complain.

Separation? Is someone talking separation? Not that I’ve heard. Then again I mostly only understand English.

Well you know George with the education and job opportunities around these parts … Mais je fait UN effort

Well WHOOOOO do you suppose gov is afraid … Well if Chaleur Bay … were to separate then we would qualify as a developing country and maybe culture-rich places like Paris France and Dublin Ireland and … Well there must be many places in the world with a few artists to spare … Maybe they would send us culture aid for artists and we’d be happy to have them here.
Oh they would love Chaleur Bay, especially during spring and summer.
Well as a matter of fact I do have an art space I’d be willing to share.


Comité bilatéral de la Baie-des-Chaleurs,

Ahhh must I go all the way to North Carolina to find a group of artists who …
Who …
Who …
Qui … That’s it

Check it out at

Something like this might have happened here.
Yes our weather is somewhat not similar.
But we could have worked around that.
We might have had a great art community.
At one time we had the artists.
At one time …
Et aussi en FRANCAIS … Yes mon FRANCAIS … it is not perfect … I know that … Mais je fait en effort … Besides I probably do just as well as those translator-bots… Mais oui anyways … Je t’aime … Mais toi toi … Tous le monee … Je besoin pax. Et toi?

So where did the money go?

And what about health?
What do they say?
All our French speaking buddies
Across the Bay
Baie des Chaleur that is
Our heart
Is here
Our heart is there
Our heart is what
We have to share
With our best friends
Across the Bay

Erasmus College

And what might that be?
Erasmus College otherwise called “Open Free Institute of Learning” or OFIL.
Don’t you think Erasmus College sounds better?

Here we have the Faculty of Arts
Fine Arts Department Well they are still celebrating. Meanwhile we have a very exciting happening that is …well happening you might say. Simply say you love seminars and join in. Arts and culture peace seminar. What else would you expect here?

You might have noticed the somewhat unusual wall mural over here.

And the portrait of our founder.
And another, perhaps more recognizable.
You may also have noticed that bronze sculpture out in the courtyard where you entered. Erasmus too. Yes, we do like to show appropriate esteem towards our Founder.

Down this corridor is the heart of our institute, the library. The library is where the brightest and best of our scholars like to hang out. The library is probably the most important part of any college. See that desk over there? Well that is not just any desk. That is what we call THE DESK. Whatever you don’t know and really need to know … That is where you go to find out.

Canadiana? Right over here

If what you need is a bit of quiet time, might I suggest one of our favourite little nooks here around the corner, The More Reading Room. The Portrait? Why that is Sir Thomas More He is the reason we call this the More Reading Room. Thomas More himself was quite a prolific writer, did you know?

And here is our language lab
href=””><img src=”; width=”195″ height=”71″ alt=” Language Portal of Canada” title=”The Langu

Oops sorry about that looks like it’s not open. Hmmm perhaps they’ve not returned from the festival yet. Hmmm well it has been a while, I agree.

Or maybe they are busy in one of those cultural spaces

You might say they follow the money trail

Then again maybe they are just out taking care of business as usual

Distribution pattern? Sorry, can’t help you there. Maybe check with the Economics Department. Hmmmm distributive Justice?
Pigovian? Never heard of it.

And the Data Shmata Lab, otherwise known as Computer Science.

The Legal Department is in here preparing for Persons Day celebrations. Yes, on October 19.
Well of course women are persons too.


World Artist Institute WAI

How to build an institute of world artists? Every great artist institute has to start somewhere. Maybe I would start by looking at what it is that most of us individual artists have in common. I think the word here might be persecution. If we have not shown ourselves willing to join the side of money and power, we will struggle throughout our lives against a huge wall designed to keep us out. In order to keep fast to our right to express our truth and our art, we face persecution from all sides. We will be persecuted by government and educational and corporate elite and will receive no share of the funding given to compliant art societies who are able to keep their members under control.

Then I think of another group of people who have faced tremendous persecution in this world. Who have been more persecuted in our world than Roma? Just imagine being an artist and Romanian too, I thought to myself. Since I would gladly trade my art for bottles of Romanian wine, why not go to the land of that wine and see what is happening with Romanian artists. I found ERI.

Click to access european-roma-institute-concept-paper-20150515.pdf

This sounds good, but what about individual artists? Are they able to make a living? Do they work for bottles of wine?


Maybe my use of the word Roma should be Romanian or Romani. Maybe the word Sinti also needs a place. I admit that I am no expert on Romani, Roma, Sinti or the art made to tell us about them. At least one such art-piece exists in Germany

Another term is Gypsy.

I do realize that Gypsy is considered a much frowned upon term these days, Romany or Traveller being more acceptable, but what if Gypsy is the word you grew up with? What if your granny had told you that Gypsies were honourable, hard-working people who cared deeply for their children? Does that make a difference? If persecution in some places offers people no way of feeding their children, does name-cleansing really help them?

And not everyone shuns the word Gypsy, even today. I don’t know whether she was an artist but I found a story about a Queen of the Gypsies in Miridian, Mississippi


Let the Exodus begin

To Ontario the arts friendly

To Ontario, the heart of Canada


But why?

Why would an artist want to leave the beautiful Chaleur Bay?

Why would they ever travel a thousands miles away?


Why not stay here and continue to do art on Chaleur Bay?

Perhaps we might take that winding road up around our Bay  through Dalhousie, Campbellton and across the bridge to the north side of Bay Chaleur where our bay is shared with the Province of Quebec and is called Baie des Chaleurs.

Arts and cultural activities along the North Shore of Baie des Chaleur are inspiring.

Safety Net

Easy come
Easy go

Who said that?


Are you sure it was Thomas Piketty?

We interrupt to bring you …. The following …
This is an unpaid non-political advertisement.

Invest in good.

Get a good job