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An interesting artspace in Ireland.

And from France comes the Hennessy prize
“Tuesday, 17 November 2015, one artist will be announced as the winner of the Hennessy Portrait Prize 2015 and will receive a prize of €15,000. The winning artist will also be awarded a commission worth €5,000 to produce a portrait for inclusion in the National Portrait Collection. ”

Well sure France is still Artsy. Check it out!

Meanwhile … Back in New Brunswick, Canada

“Across a variety of metrics, the profile of the New Brunswick arts and cultural workforce at present is not as strong as elsewhere
in the country. From an employment as
well as an economic output perspective, New Brunswick’s arts and cultural sector is stagnating while it has been expanding in the rest of Canada. The province’s artists and cultural workers are highly educated; however, their careers are characterized
by part-time employment and lower than average wages. The workforce is also aging faster than the rest of the country as many younger artists move out to develop their careers elsewhere.”
– artslinknb.com

Hmmmm … Ok not to get too excited or anything … But … Been thinking about why … For years now … Well decades actually one power after another has tried to starve out the arts of New Brunswick … Especially those in Chaleur Bay …
Has to do with … Well maybe … Hypothesis? How do you say that in French? … As I was saying … There is this thing … Well not a thing really but something called bio-power … Then that really big other thing in France called cultural freedom …

Maybe gov is afraid artists in Chaleur Bay NB will create our own “La Demeure du Chaos” here … HMMMM I’m thinking we already have a good beginning with all those car dealerships along St Peter. Well of course you don’t understand, George. That is what makes local culture so unique … So interesting

Maybe … I have an idea George. Seeing that New Brunswick artists are in such dire need … Look around you all this beautiful coastline and what did gov do? Built ugly big monstrous heavy industry is what they did … Figured if they got rid of artists and doled out welfare to the compliant then nobody would be left around to complain.

Separation? Is someone talking separation? Not that I’ve heard. Then again I mostly only understand English.

Well you know George with the education and job opportunities around these parts … Mais je fait UN effort

Well WHOOOOO do you suppose gov is afraid … Well if Chaleur Bay … were to separate then we would qualify as a developing country and maybe culture-rich places like Paris France and Dublin Ireland and … Well there must be many places in the world with a few artists to spare … Maybe they would send us culture aid for artists and we’d be happy to have them here.
Oh they would love Chaleur Bay, especially during spring and summer.
Well as a matter of fact I do have an art space I’d be willing to share.


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