Yech yeck,

Look … Just look … Who writes this shite … And do they get paid?

“Canada’s Adjusted Growth Strategy and Investment Strategy … strengthening the Canadian economy … key commitments … invest in the economy … create jobs … strengthen the middle class … more competitive, creating jobs … enhancing skills training … strong economy … high-quality, historic investments … transit, green … social infrastructure … transformative infrastructure investments … targeted investments … improved support for youth and Indigenous peoples … new innovation approach … investments in families … overarching objective of strong, sustainable, and balanced growth. ”

Ever heard of Billy Joel?
There is one song I think of when I see shite like this …
Honesty … That is what the world needs more of … Honesty

Ahh there was such a wave of hope last week.

Getting back to the shite above … Is this what is called
“neo-liberal rhetoric”
Yes George I think it does have a bit of ring …
What does it mean? Well I”m not too sure … Except I do know that unless you use certain buzz-words …
Well you know
What they say
‘onesty don’t pay
At least not today
Getting back to the meaning of that expression
What! George … Pay attention will you!
You know … What we were discussing … neo-liberal rhetoric
A good book … Well I have no idea whether or not it is any good.
Well, because that’s not the sort of stuff I read … Never mind what I do read … The maybe good … Maybe not-so-good is
Well look for yourself here
Quote? You want a quote?
“important dynamics surrounding globalisation in education—the increasingly powerful discourses and polices of neoliberalism concerning privatisation, marketisation, performativity, and the ‘enterprising individual’. … truly international effects of neo‐liberal policies—and the differential realities they tend to produce in real schools”
How’s that for an impressive quote, George?
What’s it mean? You got me there …
Foucault archive in Paris? Nope, never heard of it … Why?
Name-dropping again are you George? Tsk tsk … No I don’t think it’s cool.

But yes I agree that Foucault had a way with wordsYou might not find such an expression there.
Neo-liberal rhetoric? No George I don’t know how to say that in French … Who to ask? Well try some motsmith group … Well maybe festivaldautomne … Well then go to Paris … Find out for yourself.

No I’m not sure how they say shite in Paris … Well around here the Acadians … they say Merde I do believe.


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