Comité bilatéral de la Baie-des-Chaleurs,

Ahhh must I go all the way to North Carolina to find a group of artists who …
Who …
Who …
Qui … That’s it

Check it out at

Something like this might have happened here.
Yes our weather is somewhat not similar.
But we could have worked around that.
We might have had a great art community.
At one time we had the artists.
At one time …
Et aussi en FRANCAIS … Yes mon FRANCAIS … it is not perfect … I know that … Mais je fait en effort … Besides I probably do just as well as those translator-bots… Mais oui anyways … Je t’aime … Mais toi toi … Tous le monee … Je besoin pax. Et toi?

So where did the money go?

And what about health?
What do they say?
All our French speaking buddies
Across the Bay
Baie des Chaleur that is
Our heart
Is here
Our heart is there
Our heart is what
We have to share
With our best friends
Across the Bay

Ode to T Chaleur

T Chaleur

Hello hello

T Chaleur

Chaleur Bay
Just an afterthought?
Some might say yes
But I think not.
For those of us
Who live as we do
Along this Bay
Where jobs are few
Our young can’t stay
Not much for big
And glossy malls
But love is here
Within our walls
Of church and school
And homes
Where caring people dwell
We don’t need much
To keep us warm
Through all those months
Of winter storms
A couple of cords
Of wood will do
Will pull us through
Until almost into May
The ground beneath
And trees above
Show us green
And mourning doves
Will soon be cooing
And on our bay
With ice all gone
Boats fly again
Across our waves
We see them now
Our hope restored
Yet one more year
The spring has come
Our kids come home
From schools away
Back to our shores
We watch together
Sing our songs
Light our beacons
Along the shores
Each of us building
Our sacred space
Within the comfort
Of our Bay
Our beautiful Bay
Our own T Chaleur


Beautiful Bay

Artist … (Artsy Fartsy, Geek or not, talented or not)
Person … (Who may or may not know much about art but you know what you like )
Business … (owner, executive, tycoon, successful, wealthy or otherwise)

What in Chaleur Bay
Are you anyway?
Whatever you are
From here or afar
You are invited
To join us in May
Here oh here
On our beautiful Bay

Help us make Chaleur artsy

I repeat

What you could do, if you are interested and so inclined, is to talk to the local merchants and businesses and ask each of them to actively seek out and find an artist to sponsor during May. That sponsorship might be as simple as displaying an artwork in their window or it could be more as their resources dictate.

Art Garden Planning

Hello hello

Garden of Artists

Well George … Almost time to be thinking about the Garden of Artists …
Maybe write a poem or a song … Paint a picture … a vision of Spring …

Yes, I realize it’s still bitterly cold around the shores of Chaleur Bay. But the thaw has to happen eventually.

What is it? What is the Spring Garden of Artists? Well since you seem interested …

February begins with a new Celtic season appropriate to thinking about gardens and planning for Spring and getting things ready.

No George … The Spring Garden of Artists is Not an English Country Garden … Not at all … More like a Wild Flower Garden.

The Garden of Artists is not about neat little plots or pc containers with well-defined labels lined up according to tongues or nationalities or politics. Neither is about gender nor religious beliefs.

The Garden of Artists It is about independent artists getting together and sharing art … Visual art … Music … Songs … Drama … Creative Writing … Dance …

No George, I have no idea what sort of flowers will sprout. That’s the thing about wildflowers. You may spread the seeds but you never know how they will take or what wonder-blooms might appear …

Check it out George
Chaleur Bay … Where else?