Ode to T Chaleur

T Chaleur

Hello hello

T Chaleur

Chaleur Bay
Just an afterthought?
Some might say yes
But I think not.
For those of us
Who live as we do
Along this Bay
Where jobs are few
Our young can’t stay
Not much for big
And glossy malls
But love is here
Within our walls
Of church and school
And homes
Where caring people dwell
We don’t need much
To keep us warm
Through all those months
Of winter storms
A couple of cords
Of wood will do
Will pull us through
Until almost into May
The ground beneath
And trees above
Show us green
And mourning doves
Will soon be cooing
And on our bay
With ice all gone
Boats fly again
Across our waves
We see them now
Our hope restored
Yet one more year
The spring has come
Our kids come home
From schools away
Back to our shores
We watch together
Sing our songs
Light our beacons
Along the shores
Each of us building
Our sacred space
Within the comfort
Of our Bay
Our beautiful Bay
Our own T Chaleur

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