Feed the Hungry

Feed the hungry

Yep … Women too

Ye put her in the boardroom
And so ye’re very proud
Ye put her in the boardroom
Where ye thought she would be cowed
By all those suits and aftershave
That high testosterne excess

But she refused to cringe
And when she didn’t crumble
You pulled out all the stops
You would make her humble
You’d make her bare her breast.

You trapped her in the kitchen
You made her clean your bath
Seduced her in her bedroom
Now you must bear the wrath
Of the world and her success

Now that she has conquered
Now that she has won
Is it any consolation
To think you had such fun
When ye tried to study her to death

Blinded by the the pain
When life was so unkempt
And all that she could feel
Was just one more attempt
To torture some poor woman
To her death


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