Lost & Burnt

Lost … burnt

Lost? Yes George, that is it, lost.

It’s like this … Here I am … The little woman … Well that’s what they used to call us once upon a time … That is how women on my generation were socialized … The little woman … Stay at home … Care for the kids … Volunteer … So many good causes …

Where are we now?
Well … This old Granny is trying … Quite desperately perhaps … To make music. Beautiful music? Hmmm depends upon the eye of the beholder, so they say.

So there I was, trying to get an especially difficult passage … Guess what? Supper burnt.

So what is one burnt meal out of thousands …
Today is another day … In the kitchen or the music room

Here is the Pizza I made us for supper, cheese to be added …

Let’s just say it’s another Pizza art


The amazing pizza made with making music while the dough raised

It’s fuzzy because … Well just because my idea of cooking is that it’s one way of spreading love and happiness throughout the known universe …. Hmmmm … And beyond wish you were here to share

Margaret Sharon Olscamp
Dunlop New Brunswick Canada