Entitled or Not

She says …

Who says?
Anna Hedge

Who is she?

Anna Hedge is an economist and author of the blog EconomistaDentata … She is @drlangtry_girl on Twitter.

So what does she say?

She speaks about … Well read her words and decide for yourself what she is saying …

“Financial control, ranging from outright appropriation to coercive control of a couples’ finances, to a women being forbidden to work outside the home, is a known feature of abuse.”

Years ago I would have agreed with this statement. In the Canada of today I would agree only if the word “women” were replaced by “person”. The terrible inequalities and abuses that were suffered were actually about abuse of power. They still are. Now, as well as “stay-at-home-moms”, we also have plenty of “stay-at-home dads” who have given up their careers.