Sewer Backup?

Water water everywhere
Nary a drop is free
For the property owner
Who pays?
Free water?
Free sewer?
Guess who pays?
City hall?
You so funny George.
How many tax grabs
Can one poor property owner handle
Without going under?
You might even
Need a lawyer
To figure who pays what.
Another Tax grab?

Bathurst bylaws

Click to access 2004-01%20Water%20&%20Sewer%20Charges.pdf

So turn off the water?
Tear down the building?
Nope … According to city hall it doesn’t matter if you don’t use the water and sewerage … It doesn’t even matter if it’s an empty lot. The owner will still be charged water and sewerage fees. Now does that seem fair? I ask you George. What’s a poor senior on a fixed income to do? And they wonder why business in Bathurst is not booming.


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