Let Us Eat

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Not hummer! No hummers aloud. That too … Thought I was being polite. The thing the world needs more of

Hummus? By the way, what does hummus have to do with hummers?

Both are things a mother might consider examining very closely.


“The earth is our mother.” That, if I recall, is what the wise old elder said … Nothing about hummers … Nothing about hummus. Way back in the early 20th century … Who knew anything about hummus … Or about hummers? No idea, George. Still, something for a wise mother to consider looking at … Closely.

Besides, what is a mother? Think about it. She feeds you. She loves you. She protects you.

So here you go George …
Why hummus?

Don’t forget to share.


39 thoughts on “Let Us Eat

  1. http://www.alliedelec.com/catalog/indices/products.aspx?N=0
    What! What on earth is that?

    Well … It is a catalogue of products someone might want to purchase … An online catalogue. In my newfound search for a means to support myself I thought …. EUREKA! I post a link to a catalogue … People can order from the catalogue I post … Then when they pay for there purchase I get a commission on every item they buy … is that brilliant or what?

    Hmmmm … Little glitch … I’ve been doing this for many years. So far I’ve received nary a cent in Commission.

    Figure this out for me will you, George?


  2. Takes money to buy food that one needs in order to eat. Cannot eat air. Cannot wish food out of thin air.
    Foodbank? Hmmmm well … Kd is ok for an occasional treat but have you ever imagined a permanent pasta diet?

    No no … Want to eat … Need money … Ahhhh that is just the beginning
    So alas the jobhunt … Nowadays on the internet wheat’n’chaff adventure … Mostly chaff.

    So … What is this


  3. Round and round about she goes …
    Where the doc stops … Who really knows?

    Sorry, unavailable for comment

    Now … That’s more like it … Pictures … Colour … Font … Smiles …

    So … What do you suppose happened, huh George? Any idea?

    Click to access List%20of%20Debarred%20Entities.pdf

    So? What are debarred entities?

    Click to access List%20of%20Debarred%20Entities.pdf

    Too many questions? How is an old granny to get any answers if she asks no questions?


  4. BIM?

    Rita who? No, no, George, that’s RETA … Get the picture?

    Why do we need to build better moustraps? Because of all the crumbs of course.

    It all comes down to outlook … Doesn’t it, George?

    Hmmmmm … What do I think? Needs some interesting pictures … Actually just needs pictures … And about that sans-serif font … Welll back to the drawing board George … As they say … Keep your eye on that dummy … Better luck next time


  5. Old news George?

    Also … oil and gas, mining and metallurgy, and environment and water … If that isn’t boring enough … Highways too? Imagine being the owner of a highway … You’d probably be expected to do roadkill cleanup …. Yeckkkk

    That is quite enough, George …



  6. George … What is all that foolishness!
    War? Canadians don’t want wars.
    Humanitarian action?
    Unh unh George … By no stretch of the imagination. There is nothing humanitarian about dropping bombs on another country.

    Now if we were to drop food packages … Well that is something that I would consider humanitarian.

    So if Canada is about to drop anything into Syria … Well maybe it should be food packages … Does that make sense?
    Canadians are not bullies by nature … We don’t go around dropping bombs.

    Respect. Sure George … I respect all heads of nations equally.
    While I might have a bit more affection for our own Prime Minister … Charity does begin at home.

    As for the bullies …



  7. And if it is our destiny to forever be the servers and the waiters … Offering the best of the fruits to the nutrino-garbed emperors of our time …

    If it is our destiny to serve the choicest morsels to a multitude … Not of persons … But of nameless numbered companies whose suicides have been determined before any board ever met over their first sumptious repast …

    What if a strange voice were to boom from the heavens and command:
    “Gather all the breadcrumbs and make meatloaf for the whole of humanity.
    Cook well.
    Divide equally.
    Serve with love, justice and compassion.

    No person shall eat except from yon meatloaf
    Each person shall share yon meatloaf equally
    No person shall be denied a fair share of yon meatloaf
    Each person shall be charged according to his means.”

    “If it is thy will” … My recipe for destiny based on a work by Leonard C.



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