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  1. Did you see that seagull? Quick as quick.
    Stole that song right out of my mouth he did.
    My song too … Happens to me a lot George.
    Oh well … As long as the geagull uses it well

    Another try at a song? Sure, George.


  2. I am not discriminating against seagulls. George, please, I have nothing against seagulls, some of my best friends might have been my best friends had I been born a seagull.
    George, this has nothing to do with racism. I am not racist George, I’m simply a regular boring run-of-the-mill human who would like … Even just once … To experience a little taste of the exquisite … that is what being human is about … I think so … Forgetting the dismal and appreciating the exquisite.


  3. Seagulls? What on earth … Or in the air … Or on water … Or in McDonald’s parking lot … Do seagulls have to do with critical social theory? Is your brain fragmenting, huh George? Are you in need of ASA?

    Oh … I see … Well I suppose I might have heard the word and imagined some seagull involvement … But no dear George … The word is Segal … Nothing whatsoever to do with seagulls


  4. Ah darn … Just missed it … Better luck next year, George

    Why would anyone want to? Now that is a funny question … Why does anyone do anything? … Hmmm maybe not really so funny … Since you and me … Errrr you and I … Since we seem to be the last of the peace-nics … Snce nobody much seems to care about peace … And nobody much really likes us … Well, George, there is a lot of peculiar happenings … Not to be paranoid or anything … But did you notice … Oh never mind that … Anyway I thought a few precautions might be an idea … And advice from the experts … Oh well as they say “next year in Jerusalem” … No idea George but it has such a nice ring …

    Hey … Good name for a song? “Next Year Jerusalem”


  5. What say we take a look … Ok ok … Lend an ear … What say we lend an ear to some old Beatles Song … Something about not wanting to start a revolution just wanting to save a war … No that is no right is it … Save the world … that’s what the song is about … Saving the world … George I have no idea what the song is called … Ask Yoko …
    Oh yes and as long as we are on the subject …
    Maybe there are better words to use … Really …
    Restoration? You like that do you George? Rest-o-ration … Hmmm … You know George … You just might have something.

    Hey … Check this

    Oh by the way … About that map quest … That missing map … Do you suppose it could be a world peace map that we’re hoping to find? Sure hope so, huh, George?


  6. What about people who don’t belong to the particular religions that are supported by NGOs … Or who do not necessarily go along with the strings-attached policy of aide?

    What if every peace-nic were given a calling card and asked to call someone in distress and ask them what it is they want … How they feel they would best be helped … Or maybe just wish them well?

    What about the individual peace-nics … Dumbells like you and me George …

    OK so we don’t know who to call? Hmmmmmm



  7. Hmmmmm seems I’ll need permission to use that boat logo George … Well I am not going to get into trouble by using somebody’s copyright material.

    So either I contact them for permission to use the logo


    Or I use my own.

    What do you think, George? Do I join the crowd and become a follower or do I think for myself and design my own logo and try to survive on my own?
    Hmmmmm … Well if my business goes down … Then I’ll go with it George … Thats my understanding of the Third Path …


  8. Ever think about becoming a pilgrim George? Or maybe even cashing in on the Pilgrim Business. H…… Might be one way for a little old Grannie to make a livin ….

    Why did you interrupt me again George?
    Being a pilgrim … Now what does that mean?
    Is it to blindly follow all the other bleating sheep as they jump off the cliff …. Hmmmm. … Or … Could it be more along the lines of one soul marching boldly into hell for some glorious cause?

    Which would you choose? The Third Path? There is a third path?
    Tell me then, George? What is the Third Path?

    Don’t know if I’ll hVe time for any path, 1st, 2nd or Third. If I get my Pilgrim Market going … Well … Did you not check the template, George?

    I could sell all sorts of handmade goodies at my Pilgrim Market.

    Scapulas … Rosaries … Yes that too … Medals … Prayer books … Pictures of Blond Holy People … Well check the holy pictures … He was almost blond … Lovely long flowing hair … Well trimmed beard … Elegant aristocratic nose …

    Oh yes … I’d sell maps … Creative ones listing all the places I wanted people to visit … Places people would pay me for placing on the map … And I’d sell advertising T-shirts and advertising rucksacks … And advertising just about anything … Candles … Well all these left over candles I couldn’t sell for DAS.

    Yes George I think the Pilgrim Market might be a great idea.


  9. Have you read The Protocol?
    What is it about?

    The way I read it, George … Yes yes and I do not pretend to be any sort of expert on any subject … Yes George, after a lifetime being a volunteer for this that and the other ….

    But I can’t see why anyone would want such an agreement … it doesn’t even mention the welfare of people … Not even children … It strikes me more as a grand scheme of … well hold on to your Phrygian cap , George … it sounds like something dreamed up by a … well I don’t know who George but I’d call it Protocol of the Tyrants … Well yes I suppose it would encourage unpaid volunteerism … And yes that might increase economic value … Put a few more shekels into somebody’s account and all. Slavery does after does provide some added value to one’s product line. But does it improve the quality of life of the slave … Do you think?



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