Granny’s TimeMachine has suffered a breakdown … James Tobin, Paul Samuelson, John Kenneth Galbraith, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Richard Nixon, Roger Douglas, Friedrich Hayek, Hans-Werner Sinn, Ayse Bugra, Andrew Coyne

How? How to fix things? Abolish unemployment insurance and minimum wage.

Maybe Einstein’s theory of Relativity … Maybe the answer is to be found there …

Einstein? What would he have known about poverty?
They say poverty is relative, don’t they?
Hmmm … Relative to what?
Well besides Einstein was a Jew?
So, look at history … Every time things start getting bad somebody finds some Jew to blame … Or Catholic …
So isn’t it logical that he who takes the blame might also provide the solution? I know … I know … Straws … And I haven’t even begun to talk about camels …


Is truth also relative? Did Einstein have a formula for determining truth?
What about all those crazies … Got to be … Nothing like that could possibly have happened in our fine world … Even to admit to believing it would brand one as suffering some sort of mental breakdown … So how do these urban legends spread?

Truth … Relative … Relatively true or truthfully relative?
Ahh no … This cannot possibly be …

Whooooooh … And then things get really crazy …

Maestro please … Lighten our load


Today is June 20th … Everyday is special

Today is June 20th … Everyday is special …

today is World Refugee Day

What is a refugee? Why would anyone choose to be a refugee? Are we willing to help refugees? Why? What about people who choose not to be refugees? What about those who wish to remain in their own country? What about those people who wish to live in peace, raise their families, make a decent honest living? Is there a special day for them too?


On days when I feel that this world doesn’t offer me much comfort I always have my virtual home at

As in most homes, nobody there is perfect, not even Bono … But refugees are always welcome.
Today as I paint my daily cup I will ponder what it is to be a refugee and not have a place to call home.

Since some of my own ancestors were Irish refugees from Ireland I think today’s cup might be orange and white and green.

Today is June 27th.
If I hold the Irish flag up to you what you will see, from your point of view, reading left to right, the way we usually read a flag, is green, white and orange. From my position behind the flag, I might see it as orange, white, green, the flag of the Ivory Coast, unless I read it from right to left. Most confusing but somewhat interesting, this was brought to my attention by a very smart young man.





This is … Well … This is me … Sort of virtual me if you like … Sitting here in my virtual desert … Communing with my virtual friend … Oh that’s George … A regular Magpie.
So imagine me … Well why would I not want to talk about me?  Isn’t that what a blog is for?  Isn’t that what every sane soul … And others too … As I was saying … I do believe that I am entitled to talk about me.  That is all I really know about after all.
So … Imagine me sitting there in that desert pondering and musing and engaging in all those other belly-buttonish sort of activities that were so dearly paid for back in the sixties.
Well as I was telling George the other day … “George” I said to my dear friend, “Where were you back when I really needed you, when I was was young and the whole world was open to me? Where were you?”
Of course George never did give me an answer. He likes to think of himself as … Well back in the old days … Hmmm maybe even today … He thinks of himself as above such petty little problems like survival. 
Imagines himself as one of those lilies of the field I guess.
George tells me that everything that has happened is because I made certain choices and allowed such happenings.  Well … Fine for that lily-livered George to say … That way he gets to avoid any sort of uncomfortable discussion about fairness and justice.  
So … I decided I would just let George have his way … I would stop complaining about all the broken things I was finding in this old broken world and I would only associate with positive people and perfect situations and I would show better appreciation for all the wonderful gifts I found all around me.
Guess what! That is how I found myself sitting in this desert. The only really real thing I could grasp out of life were handsfull … Hmmm or would that be handfulls … Doesn’t matter I guess what you call it …
So Now what I do is reach out and no matter which direction I look … I finally have found something that is real and honest and lasting … Well yes overall it does shift and change but I am used to that.
As I was saying all I need to do is reach out and pick up a handful of sand … Lovely warm golden sand sifting through my fingers. And they say nothing in this world is free.