Granny’s TimeMachine has suffered a breakdown … James Tobin, Paul Samuelson, John Kenneth Galbraith, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Richard Nixon, Roger Douglas, Friedrich Hayek, Hans-Werner Sinn, Ayse Bugra, Andrew Coyne

How? How to fix things? Abolish unemployment insurance and minimum wage.

Maybe Einstein’s theory of Relativity … Maybe the answer is to be found there …

Einstein? What would he have known about poverty?
They say poverty is relative, don’t they?
Hmmm … Relative to what?
Well besides Einstein was a Jew?
So, look at history … Every time things start getting bad somebody finds some Jew to blame … Or Catholic …
So isn’t it logical that he who takes the blame might also provide the solution? I know … I know … Straws … And I haven’t even begun to talk about camels …


Is truth also relative? Did Einstein have a formula for determining truth?
What about all those crazies … Got to be … Nothing like that could possibly have happened in our fine world … Even to admit to believing it would brand one as suffering some sort of mental breakdown … So how do these urban legends spread?

Truth … Relative … Relatively true or truthfully relative?
Ahh no … This cannot possibly be …

Whooooooh … And then things get really crazy …

Maestro please … Lighten our load


4 thoughts on “E=mc2

  1. Would anyone build a senior’s housing complex atop an old garbage dump?
    Does anyone ever question what the land was used for before the developers develop?
    Is there any public access to records that would
    ease the mind of a senior who might worry about a move out of their life-long home and into a senior’s home?


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