21 thoughts on “Granny Time Machine

  1. What does the smell of tar on the roof have to do with anything anyway … Silly old Granny … Eat your num-nums and keep your mouth shut or you’ll get another happy pill.


  2. Remember those language classes … Those funny very special tape recorders and those labs where the instructor could interact with a student in real time while the student was drilling … Over and over ad nauseum until it became almost hypnotic … Remember?
    Significance? Why would anyone even consider such exercises as in any way significant? Silly old Granny anyway … Blathering on and on about nothing.


  3. Lock away the data and all the evidence becomes … What? Who? Why?
    About the control group … What is a control group?

    How many such social experiments might a granny live through unknowingly or unwillingly and never have the resources or right to question?

    What would be the potential worth of a Granny who had lived a lifetime of denied informed consent?


  4. Nice touch … Those in need!
    Pick and choose who gets preferential treatment … That way … eliminate the mouthy upstarts who ask embarrassing questions … Eliminate those who might possibly be daring enought to raise real issues … Eliminate those who have the stamina to wade through the sludge of privacy and freedom-of-information and property laws gone amuck … the credentials to be called to the bar … And most of all eliminate those who have the intelligence to actually decipher the reports when they finally appear years later.
    This Granny is in desperate need of an official Canadian definition of “those in need” …



  5. If we reallly wanted to know what was going on … Besides moving to Ottawa … Where there is a will … No way to prove any of it is true … Is there? If something is written, does that mean it is truth or a very good story?


  6. Revisionism as a profession … Hmmm … Maybe a Chair of Revionist studies in every major University … Every Crown Corporation with its own Department of Revisionism to create job openings for Canadians … Sounds like a Proud to be Canadian plan … Bring on the Moosehead … Make mine red.
    Very Best,
    Sybil II

    And music … Canadian content? No idea … Why would that matter?


  7. Obviously that one who calls herself Granny Past … Crazy as a bag of marbles … Fell on her head too many times obviously … All she needs to do is place her trust in government … Government always helps citizens … Providing good jobs, quality health care, safe affordable housing, policing, military … We just need to trust our government
    Granny named Sybil I

    P.S. The sooner we accept that homogenization is the answer, the sooner we are able to move on to skimmed products, the sooner we can get the message accross that we never needed all that cream. Vive la coffee noir! Equality Forever!



  8. Hello Granny Present,

    The reason I am contacting you is because I was just wondering whether you can help me find an old friend of mine, last seen flying a magic carpet to who knows where, who knows when … My Friend’s Name is Shagreen … A true free spirit … a loyal kind citizen of the Global Village … Last heard from a few years ago. I am concerned that he may have been detained … Hmmm … that is the term I believe … Is there any way of finding out whether my friend Shagreen has been detained in detention somewhere … Well the reason I wonder is because I was reading something … Just this morning in fact … I was reading about people in detention … And since I’ve not heard from my friend Shagreen in such a long time, I thought I would ask for your help. Perhaps you might jump into your time machine and have a peek. If you find my friend Shagreen would you help sort out whatever the problem might be?

    Yours Sincerely,
    Granny Past

    P.S. Sorry about that last bit. How could it possibly have anything to do with anyone being detained in detention, you might well ask. A Granny may be allowed the odd Freudian slip now and then as they might have said in the old days when Grannies spent more time out and about. May I please ask your forgiveness and offer you a more secular view …


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