Yes, George, shudder. Why? Politics George. You know I don’t do politics.
Wonder what the first woman Cabinet Minister of Canada would have said about my aversion to politics.

Is that fair? Don’t men deserve an honourable mention?
Well there is one senator … A man … The first native man appointed.

Possibly would not have thought too highly of this Granny who doesn’t even belong to a reputable … Well actually Granny belongs to no party …shame shame Granny … No loyalty … No wonder Granny never gets any nice tweaks or twitters.
She simply is not smart enough to talk politics. But knowing nothing about something! … that never stopped Granny talking before.

Besides … in this case … 

Hurdles … We need to know where they are …

And our Global Village … We need to know about our neighbours, who they are, where they live and how they govern themselves …

And we need to learn to live peacefully in spaces we are willing to share with our neighbours


And we need to communicate

And sometimes agree to disagree

About pipelines too?
Yes! Well, What about native people? Which native people?

How? Is it possible? Can people agree to disagree? Gimme more … Gimme more … Please?

More what? More money? Well at least a basic income! Hmmmmm … Exactly what is a basic income? Explain yourself please …

Besides … This is Canada … And maybe … You know what they say about airing briefs … Dirty or not dirty … About airing briefs out in public … Isn’t that what in camera is for? So …

Besides Canada cannot possibly have a poverty problem… Just check out all those giant garbage trucks the city fathers are sending out … and the fleet of garbage police who sticker the guilty folks who dare to mix up the contents of the blues and the greens.

Anyway …Didn’t the Senate solve the poverty problem about forty years ago? Naaah We cannot possibly have a poverty problem. Those ripped jeans? That is a fashion statement, don’t you know? And all that low-cut, low-rise cheap clothing? Sex sells, not haute couture.

But surely things are getting better all the time!
Take housing for example Canada has been working on this since 1912 … Things should start looking up one of these days … Months … Years …decades … Ohhwell let’s not give up hope it has only been a bit over a century … These things take time …

Look at all those people … Are they drowning do you suppose?
Is the harbour master going to send out a boat, do you suppose?
Thinking about it … Might take a few years … They can’t decide what size boat to send. Something to do with the poverty line.


Hello ... Please speak your peace ...

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