Yes, George, shudder. Why? Politics George. You know I don’t do politics.
Wonder what the first woman Cabinet Minister of Canada would have said about my aversion to politics.

Is that fair? Don’t men deserve an honourable mention?
Well there is one senator … A man … The first native man appointed.

Possibly would not have thought too highly of this Granny who doesn’t even belong to a reputable … Well actually Granny belongs to no party …shame shame Granny … No loyalty … No wonder Granny never gets any nice tweaks or twitters.
She simply is not smart enough to talk politics. But knowing nothing about something! … that never stopped Granny talking before.

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What’s Up Doc

UYou know … It is not about that anymore … Now it is  more about inventing creative strategies to make those carrotts disappear entirely …   Then  eventually planting parsnips … Calling them carrott and before you know it all the carrotts will have been replaced by parsnips which will be called carrotts … Then  come the turnips to replace the parsnips and all the turnips will be called carrotts … Then radishes will become the new carrotts  … When all the  turnips have been replaced by radishes and everyone is under the illusion that carrotts are small white fleshed balls in red skins



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