What’s Up Doc

Those carrotts ripe yet?


24 thoughts on “What’s Up Doc

  1. Ever wonder who benefits from research grants George? Do you have any idea who among us is being studied? Do you suppose there is such a thing as being studied to death George?

    How did I get to this point? Well George, a friend sent me a link to something he read about “hummers” or “hearers”. This is a small part of the population who hear noises other people don’t hear … Yes George … In the middle of the night … Keeps them awake … Crazy, George? Well, I don’t think so. But it would seem to be an excellent opportunity to justify pill-pushing experiments … Do you think?

    Well no I couldn’t find much about the hummers or hearers.


  2. Been thinking George. Here it is almost August 2013 … Haven’t really accomplished much have I George. No honours … No speaking engagements … No stack of books raking in the royalties. Well I guess I just didn’t take advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves George. Well yes there were some pretty exciting stories I might have followed …. Fluffed up a bit … But you know me George … As usual I waited … And waited … Well the first bloom of a story is not always where the truth is found … after the petals fall and the plant settles down for the winter … Well then … Yes George … By then it may well be too late.

    Well maybe next spring George … Meanwhile …


  3. Ever think of moving George? We’re not getting any younger. Must be someplace in the world that looks after old folks … Folks with no jobs … Folks with no decent place to live … Folks who just want to live an honest life without being forced to belong to some religion or expected to speak a particular language … Or obey a lot of secret unwritten laws … or pay all these hidden bank charges …. Hmmmm … Ever wonder George? Hey George check this out:


    • Wonder, George … Do you wonder how Quebec ever managed to become such a beautiful province of Canada … Yes! It is true. Quebec is not just a drive through province from New Brunswick. Not at all. Every little town has a special magic. Visit Quebec George and you’ll see what I mean. Quebec is special.
      Ok … So you don’t drive … Well have you ever thought of sharing the hitch-hikers way.


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