24 thoughts on “What’s Up Doc

    • Wonder, George … Do you wonder how Quebec ever managed to become such a beautiful province of Canada … Yes! It is true. Quebec is not just a drive through province from New Brunswick. Not at all. Every little town has a special magic. Visit Quebec George and you’ll see what I mean. Quebec is special.
      Ok … So you don’t drive … Well have you ever thought of sharing the hitch-hikers way.


  1. Ever think of moving George? We’re not getting any younger. Must be someplace in the world that looks after old folks … Folks with no jobs … Folks with no decent place to live … Folks who just want to live an honest life without being forced to belong to some religion or expected to speak a particular language … Or obey a lot of secret unwritten laws … or pay all these hidden bank charges …. Hmmmm … Ever wonder George? Hey George check this out:


  2. Been thinking George. Here it is almost August 2013 … Haven’t really accomplished much have I George. No honours … No speaking engagements … No stack of books raking in the royalties. Well I guess I just didn’t take advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves George. Well yes there were some pretty exciting stories I might have followed …. Fluffed up a bit … But you know me George … As usual I waited … And waited … Well the first bloom of a story is not always where the truth is found … after the petals fall and the plant settles down for the winter … Well then … Yes George … By then it may well be too late.

    Well maybe next spring George … Meanwhile …


  3. Ever wonder who benefits from research grants George? Do you have any idea who among us is being studied? Do you suppose there is such a thing as being studied to death George?

    How did I get to this point? Well George, a friend sent me a link to something he read about “hummers” or “hearers”. This is a small part of the population who hear noises other people don’t hear … Yes George … In the middle of the night … Keeps them awake … Crazy, George? Well, I don’t think so. But it would seem to be an excellent opportunity to justify pill-pushing experiments … Do you think?

    Well no I couldn’t find much about the hummers or hearers.


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