Pandora’s BoX …the rock opera … Tah daaaah

OK this is it.

My Opus … Or is that Opis?

No matter George. It is a go. All I need now are the musicians … Actors … Director … Oh yes and the money to pay them.

Agent? What agent?

Sorry George … Don’t know any agents … Need money to hire artists … Went knocking on doors

Knock knock:
Answer: Nobody here.

Knock knock:
Answer:Not artist friendly it seems.

Knock knock:
Answer:Must be too busy with poli-phonesesis.

Knock knock:
Answer:Much is ongoing. Suppose that is an answer to “What is going on?”

Knock knock:
Answer:Might be the polite version of RTFM.


36 thoughts on “Pandora’s BoX …the rock opera … Tah daaaah

  1. No George I am not talking about information services … Which by the way could be an oxymoron … That is what you call a typo … I meant to say ” a magpie on his head”


  2. Gurgle? again?p💝e🐣a😃c🐔e🐣
    Things change so fast sometimes. I guess it is like a market George
    Get it while it’s hot … Else get it not … Hmmm communication … Didn’t used to be like that George … That might be why some older folk and some younger folk appear to disagree … Meanings are changing so fast that a lack of shared meaning is the only kind of meaning you can find between the generations. Sometimes what means one thing one day can appear to mean the exact opposite the next.

    English? Not fair to blame English George. All around the world you have people teaching what they claim to be English. People who claim to be ‘expert teachers’.

    If the claims are false George so is the English. Can you sympathise with people across the world who would save their children from the mind-rape of these ‘expert teachers’.

    Truthfully George? I’d keep my kids out of their schools too.

    English is a beautiful language George, an international language with great potential to be a bridge to Peace.

    Let’s be sure the English teachers are actually English-speaking, the French teachers French-speaking, and likewise for every other language. Give the children a good start. Understanding one’s own language is a good beginning to the peace bridge George, then learning another language, and another.

    Click to access Building-Peace-in-2013-080213.pdf


  3. Do you recall my saying that there were to be no villians in my Rock Opera, that I had time and space for heroes … Yes that includes heroines … of course it does George … Well I might consider the occasional anti-hero …

    Well do you feel as I do that bullies are villains? Right, so we agree on that?

    What about when you are being bullied by the agency that is supposed to be shielding you from bullies? What can you do?

    What about when you get very little help from an agency that is supposed to help deal with complaints? What can you do?

    What would you do George?

    Click to access BULLYVILLE_DBP9337121.pdf


  4. Think I might have found some more invisible Irish women George … Writing about all the things nobody else wants to write about … Well … Hmmmmmmm … Maybe there is no money in that sort of writing George … Not exciting like pillage and carnage on a grander scale. Hardly even as exciting as blood and guts and sports is it, George?


  5. OK now George put down that hammer and stop pretending you are Thor or is it Odin? Maxwell? well whoever it is … We have serious business … Here read this and tell me what it says in plain English.

    Well of course I understand it. want to be certain that you do, George. You appear to misunderstand so much of what I try so hard to communicate that … Well I’m beginning to wonder whether you might be an Irish spy working for The Travellers.

    You know … The Irish gypsies … The ones living in parking lot caravans … Because they have nowhere else to live I suppose.

    Yes I realize that English has long been the language of the misunderstood and the persecuted in many parts of the world … But you know what? George I am p… Ok George … OK … I will not tempt fate again and tell you for the hundredth time that I am proud to speak English.


  6. Impossible George?
    Why not George … Why not spray paint my stash of nutrinos … Oh I don’t know …. Hmmm ok lets try this. Mix up a wee bit of red & blue & yellow George and spray paint all my nutrinos … Well whatever you can find that have not already been used up or vanished into thin air … Remember the sponsorship scandal?

    There you go George … Perfect examples of disappearing nutrinos

    Impossible? Don’t you know that impossibility is a mental construct?


  7. Nutrinos?
    George everyone knows … even I know that mutrinos are not red …

    Whoever heard of red nutrinos. Nutrinos are what post-modern Bespokers use as raw material … Multinationals sometimes use them in manufacturing … I think even Banks use them nowadays … When you deposit your hard-earned cash into a savings account … Remember in the old days you used to earn interest on your money? Well nowadays what you get is a tidy little sum of nutrinos.
    You can invest in all kinds of nutrinos in today’s market George. You can purchase a wide variety of nutrino services across a broad range of industries. I think maybe governments are even using nutrinos …

    Do you really think they come in red?

    This may be a great discovery, George.


  8. Agent? Oh … Do you mean lawyer?
    You know George … About the money we need for our Rock Opera … One solution might be a small sideline business … Well I was thinking along the lines of …

    Ahh yes … Great minds thinking alike … Once again …

    What did you say George?

    What is a Body House? Ohhhhh … Bawdy! Well I guess we would need a lawyer after all.

    For one thing we’d need to “determine the legality” as they say.

    They? Well … Let’s just say “they” and leave it at that.

    Why? Why what? … Oh … Why we might need a lawyer …

    You are so funny George … Either that or you have never tried to find out whether something is or isn’t legal. Hmmmmm … I think it might depend upon who you know and who you … Ok ok George …OK … In any case you have to try to make your way through pages and pages of legalese to find out whether something is legal …. Oh and the laws keep changing … That’s what the “repealed” word is for … I think … To let us know that what you couldn’t do before … well maybe it is just not so bad anymore … Something like that … Don’t believe me huh? Well … Look for yourself …


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