Cat’s Cradle (2008)

And the beanstalk grew and grew as Jack watched on, thinking that perhaps he had somehow opened the wrong storybook. He looked down at the small box of beans in his hand, wondering.
It didn’t take long to decide. Jack placed the box in a safe place and began to climb the beanstalk. By the time he was halfway up Jack caught sight of one small patch of shiny red laquer.


24 thoughts on “Cat’s Cradle (2008)

  1. Why are you doing this George?
    Overpainting my paintings. I try my best to paint cups. Oh no, you don’t love cups … so … instead of going out and finding what is lovable to you … Instead you peck at my work with your bill until my lovely … Why just this morning it happened again. I was trying to paint a cup and you turned it into something hideous.
    Your portrait? But George, how do you justify trying to transform my cup art into portraits of yourself.
    Besides, they look nothing like you … Not remotely … Not even the right colour … A stylist! What do you mean you are thinking of going to a stylist for a touch-up and wanted to visualize what the result would look like …
    I’ll tell you what … Just plain ridiculous is what you’ll look like. What is wrong with black and white. You tell me, George.
    No George, I don’t have a black and white cup. Why, George?
    George … No … Please … I don’t wish to have my delicate pastel cups spray-painted black and white to camoflage you.
    No George you cannot move into my cupboard.


  2. Shadow Press Corp? What zit for George?
    Famous dead people Huh?
    What good are they if they’re dead?
    Oh I see … We mine their writing for the good stuff?

    I am thinking of this famous Helen …

    Start up a newspaper full of Grannie stories … Have Helen’s picture on the masthead.
    No no George … Not Helen of Troy …

    Maybe she could lead a procession of raging Grannies …
    All wearing red hats each with an ever so elegant feather
    Have the grannies out selling the newspaper. Hmmm wonder if Conrad would like to work with a group of old grannies in red hats … Help them earn a bit of spare change.

    We need a whole batch of Grannies just like her George … Well to play her part … Because no one person could ever replace her

    Who George? What ghost writer?
    Who could possibly replace this larger-than-life personality?
    Suppose if she were still alive George … Imagine!

    Offensive George? Yes well there will always be some who find the truth offensive.


    Life memberships in DAS? Well I’m not sure how that would work George. Hmmmmmm …. Oh I see … afterlife memberships
    That might work … Any idea who might be candidates George?

    Ok George … A membership drive is a great idea.

    So George … What about advertising … Promotion … PR … That sort of thing … Where would you go … Ask a clown? What on earth are you talking about George?


  3. How many George?

    Well there can never be too much music George. Besides, there is this one scene where we’ll have a hundred voices singing in unison … Picture it … A hundred saffron robes hanging from a clothes line and the wind kicks in and …

    You are not sure? Well a Chinook will do I guess. As I was saying before you interupted George … A hundred saffron robes dancing in the wind … Yes yes … Suspended from a clothes line … And the voice of the wind is the ommmmmm of a hundred voices … No George they don’t even need to show their faces. So we can get recordings … We’ll mix the voices once we receive the recordings George. Pay for them? Hmmmmmm well … Let me think on that George … We’ll find a way.


  4. I found an extra guitarist George … WOW …
    Suppose I could adopt him then maybe he’d play in his adopted Grannie’s rock opera?

    As I said George … It’s the money … Hmmm … Well what’s family for? OK George I’ll stop trying to take advantage of family and wait till the ship comes in … (Sigh). Well he can only get better with time.


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