Because today is Friday. On the first of the three days the messenger calls out at dawn …

The human voice …

An open door …


That is the muezzin, or in Arabic, muʾaddin.

He is inviting you to join the public worship.

Giving thanks and Building Peace

Today is Saturday, April 26. Happy Birthday to all born on this day.

I heard … Somewhere … That today is the day of the trumpet … Or would that be Shofar?

The Heffalump, according to some, is an imaginary creature whose call is known as trumpeting. Just because I’ve never seen a Heffalump or a woozle does not mean that their existance is impossible.

What about Sunday? Just another day to shop? Or?

Sunday … Are the church bells ringing in harmony?
Sunday Bloody Sunday … A song or a scream?

What will the next Bloody Sunday look like?
Who will be marching?
What will they ask for?
What will happen to them?
What is the new face of segregation?

On January 30 1972 in Derry Ireland … A civil rights protest was held … Over a dozen people were killed, others injured. The Widgery Tribunal was held shortly afterwards. In 1998, under Prime Minister Tony Blair, the Saville Inquiry opened another investigation. For 12 years the Inquiry investigated and on June 15, 2010 the report on the killings was finally released. Prime Minister David Cameron appologized to the Irish people.

The movie:

On March 7, 1965, on Route 80 in Selma Albama, USA, 600 civil rights marchers experienced their Bloody Sunday. Judge Frank M. Johnson, Jr. granted American blacks the legal support to exercise their civil rights by ruling in favour of the marchers,
“The law is clear that the right to petition one’s government for the redress of grievances may be exercised in large groups…,” said Judge Johnson, “and these rights may be exercised by marching, even along public highways.”

January 22, 1905, St Petersburg Russia a group of unarmed citizens were marching to the Winter Palace to present a petition to Tsar Nicholas II. Their request included fair wages, better working conditions and a reduction of the fifteen hour workday. Over 100,000 signatures were attached to the petition.,_January_22,_1905

The Tsar was not at the Palace that day. Still, he was blamed for what happened.

It appears to be unknown exactly how many of the Russian marchers died that day. Some said about a hundred. Some said the victims numbered in the thousands.

Monday … The three days of worship are over for this week. It is time for all the People of the Book to return to their work. The Scribes and Artists offer their quills and brushes.
Their job is to honour the ancients

About that Heffalump and other strange creatures who dare to do or say what the masses decry as … Well can we call it the Woozle Syndrome? … What? … As in one man’s truth is another man’s lie.

Well this is something that maybe somebody did or did not say or do … It doesn’t much matter what … as long as enough people can be convinced to spew hatred upon the person who dared to defy some unwritten law of “but you can’t say that” … Who dared to offend somebody’s sensibility … Some minority group that might actually prove to be in the majority as far as concessions granted …

Maybe we need a Woozle Award … This week … We look for our Woozle Award candidates:

Hmmmmmmmm … Suppose Don’s foundation would contribute a little something to fund the Woozle award? Don? Don’t know Don?

Tuesday … Today is Tuesday April 29th 2014. The year of the horse … Wonder if that includes seahorses and unicorns … No blame … Also could it be … is it possible that today is the ultimate Geek Day … Is the world finally getting IT together?

Hum … Wonder if Grannies are invited … Grannies might even like Boston

Suppose the Grannies will find work in Boston?
Many of the Celtic Grannies left the old country and sailed into Boston searching for work … Leaving behind old ways and old beliefs …

Did the Celtic Grannies receive no answers to their pleas for work? Is that why they left the old country? Who might they have asked for help?

A goddess? Does anyone actually believe in Goddess?

Herstory … But does she even have a story? Who has ever heard herstory? … Or believed a Granny when she tried to tell herstory?

Hard to pin down … Truth … Like a puff of cloud sometimes.

Wednesday April 30, 2014
Wednesday child?
Raised to respect the old ways …
What happened?
Did she live to see
The preservation board
Allow her heritage to rot away?
Did she keep silent
When the planning commission
Created their modern world
Of perfect efficiency?
Where each Wednesday Child
Could equally not afford
To be different.

Thursday, May 1st 2014, New Brunswick, Canada 7:17 am and not much sunshine here just yet.
Should the Grannies blame the government for the poor weather, do you suppose. Everybody else appears to be blaming the government for everything from flues to floods these days.

Does the UK Government always give people their right to choose on Thursdays? Does it really matter?

Beltane … And Granny images herself to Ireland … Meath … Navan … The narrow gate at Tara … Rather the gateway … The stile … The passage without gates and atop the hill where a priest did scream and spoiled the sacred quiet on that high place of ancestors. And Oh to return … Would the stile be open yet and could Granny walk again between the worlds?

Who might Granny meet there?


Hello ... Please speak your peace ...

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