En Bien

bottom line is income … Everybody needs an income … Basic survival depends on income … A person who has no right to catch fish without buying a licence needs an income if he is to pay for the licence … Simple truth … Can’t get more basic than that …http://basicincome.org/bien/

Everybody needs an income … When the only work available is …

But … But … But …

Where when how … Proof?
And how much did the pudding cost?
And how many did it feed?
And who benefitted by all that pudding?
Does anyone know?

Click to access forget-cea%20%282%29.pdf

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7 thoughts on “En Bien

    KNOW YOU, that as well for the especial trust and
    confidence We have manifested in you, as for the pur-
    pose of obtaining your advice and assistance in all
    weighty and arduous affairs which may the State and
    Defence of Canada concern, We have thought fit to sum-
    mon you to the Senate of Canada; and We do appoint
    you … ” with these words


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