GAI – the way – to a happy NB

No it is not about politics … Nope not scandal either …
It’s about poverty … GAI … 30 years later …

Hugh Segal … GAI support

And today  Tuesday May 13 2014

What is the good news in Canada on this date?

… … … … … …

Hmmmm  … And what else?

HMMMM … Is there any hope?
Some people are working on that. They think that higher wages

Think it’ll work? Hmmmmmm … OK for wealthy companies maybe … Those who can afford all those extra add-ons … Seems to be the sort of plan to gather in votes from … Oh well from some workers … Ahhhhhh … But ask the people without jobs what they expect higher wages will do for them? Ask the small business owner who is barely able to stay in business now … Ask the young entrepreneur who is considering the possibility of going into business and hiring workers …

Ask someone who knows something about these things. Don’t ask an old granny who has never in her life seen a decent wage for longer than 3 months on the odd contract … Yes a contract once in 20 years is definitely an odd way to live your life …even in



Well of course they need to do something about it

What? What do they need to do? Why ask some old Granny who lived … Well never mind that … The point is there have been a lot of people who have been drawing salaries for the last 50 years … Paid to do research … Paid to fill out reports … Paid to attend meetings paid to be consultants and experts … Paid to solve the poverty problem … Those still being paid and doing nothing? I say fire them all … When they start having to depend on foodbanks and homeless shelters … Then we’ll see how long it takes for GAI to appear.


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