GAI Canada

The Plan … Gai Canada … Canada going GAI … Whichever way you look at it!

The Senate had a Plan!

So what happened?

The Senate Poverty Plan

Does anyone remember?

Click to access Croll%20Report%201971.pdf


Immigration? What about immigrants? Ask the Canadian Government … They have the keys to that gate.

Click to access 11f0019m2007294-eng.pdf

So … Do we suppose Canada will ever go GAI?
Depends … If the women realize that they no longer need to be indentured live-ins because they will be able to purchase their own food and shelter … Depends …

Do women know? Has anyone let the women know what it means for women if Canada goes GAI?

Surely at least a few women must know …

Click to access Martin.pdf

And who are the GAI Senators? And is the press gentle with them?

Hwoooh. … Has Ghiz gone GAI!

Can Canada afford to goGAI? Check the math!

GAI Volunteers wanted

What about Kevin O’Leary? GAI Canada discriminates against nobody … Not even Kevin O’Leary.

And the politicians? Is even one of them brave enough to goGAI?

Petition …


Hello ... Please speak your peace ...

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