Picture It

Well George

Would you say that any picture is better than no picture at all?



18 thoughts on “Picture It

  1. So really George … How is anybody to know who to trust?
    Are things getting better George?


    Are people working in positions of trust being investigated George? Are women safe? Are the children safe? Men?
    Well George it seems that men are being conditioned differently than girls … Well haven’t you noticed these children
    Little girls conditioned to look like dumb-blond hookers before they should even be wearing a bra …

    As for the Boys … mostly … Spending hours at a game spilling guts with virtual machine guns … Looks more and more real every day George.
    Is there a point of no return George? Is there a point when the children are lost? Is there a point beyond which the children are unaware of reality? … No longer know what is real and what is a game? … What is up and what is down? … What is true and what is false? … What is right and what is wrong?

    Are we demanding accountability?

    Are we investigating the investigators? … The teachers? … The ministers? … The doctors? … The nurses? … The scout leaders?
    … The choir directors? … The coaches? … The day care workers? … The camp leaders? … The baby sitters? … The older siblings of the children’s friends?
    Dare I say the parents?

    The list is long George … Plenty of work for a good honest investigator to undertake


    Paranoid? No George the word is careful. As in take care? You tell me George.


  2. Ever wonder about those disturbing images … Why it is necessary to expose a jury member to every last gory detail of blood and guts and gore in order to prove who actually did the dastardly deed? I imagine it must take a stout heart indeed to serve on a jury. Then again does that mean that more refined sensitive souls would find some good reason to be excused from jury duty.
    You don’t say! Well i guess there is a good reason for everything under the sun now isn’t there George?



  3. How would you picture truth George? Is it one blazing light or is it more like a kaliedascope? No George I’m not sure it’s spelled right. Besides when I’ve been up half the night … Well George the neighbourhood is not as quiet as it once was … As I was saying … Keep me awake half the night and my mind is so boggled I’m really not sure what truth looks like. Does anyone?

    Truth is often not provable one way or another anyway George. I guess that is why we have courts and when that fails there is always the media to convince us.



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