If we really had a voice what might we say?

Give us money or give us peace.

We have no money
We have no peace.
Do we have voice?

We need a voice
A BIG voice

“There is a significant gap between language inscribed in our Security Resolutions, our declarations, our action plans, and the actual reality of women’s participation in decision-making when it comes to peace and security issues.”
– Radhika Coomaraswamy

What do I think?

Well if anyone really wants to know … if the war-mongers are not going to allow women a voice then they should be paying women for this enforced silence. How? Basic Income. Guarantee every woman a basic income.

Maybe that is something the UN might consider.
Yes the reports are valuable. What might be better is to give the money to individual women. Help women buy back their lives and the lives of their children.

an Action Plan

Action Plan? … Cut the Crap and give us money … BIG money!

20 Years ago, if we had had a voice, what might we have said?

Cut the Crap. Give us money.

Are there no women of voice? Hardly … Unless they belong to certain SIGs
That would be Special Interest Groups … Meaning that they work for their own special interests, whatever that might mean …
Business for example.
Yes, it is a women’s organization. It probably does take good care of its members. If you are not a member? If you happen to be an independent artist, especially one that dares try to paddle her canoe upstream? Hmmmmm well I’ve never been privy to their constitution. I guess I think of them as the old girls’ network. I don’t know that they would support basic income.


Brownfield Going Twice

So, George … You wonder why we should care about brownfields and what is happening and who is profiting from the misery of others?


“Washing one’s hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral.”
— Paulo Freire, Brazilian educator”

George … look … All those women … And why are they dressed like that?
Why are they screaming … What are they screaming? What do they have to say about common wealth?

Click to access prog-gawomen-150306.pdf

They want into the game too?
Well, George, maybe throw the Bucky ball to them. See what they do with it.


No George, no special treatment for anyone. Fair’s fair in this game. May the best player win.

Me! You asking if I’m in the game? No George, I don’t do competitions. I do art.

Profitable? Tee-heee … Oh Georgie …

Granny Gathering

See you May 2015 in Gloucester County, New Brunswick, Canada


I am working on a plan of action
So far the two main topics under consideration are
1. GAI
2. Solidarity

I am trying to come up with a plan of action of some sort …
Yes it is a holiday … I do know that … Victoria Day … What would Victoria have done I wonder … Now there was a Granny worth her granny boots …

Wonder what Victoria would have thought of GAI. Just a passing thought.

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Internationional Day of the Child

Today is International Childrens Day … So … Does anyone know?
November is a special day dedicated by the UN to remind us about the 
UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. 


Thinking about being a kid … Getting a vaccination … Ouch … 
Is it something parents still do … Get kids vaccinated? 

George … Does anyone ever ask questions about vaccinations?

You know … Questions … Like … Where do vaccinations come from?
Who authorizes … Who pays … Who gets paid … Who does research … Who conducts trials … Who participates … Who wins … Who loses … Who invests … Who oversees … Who condones … Who condemns … Who verifies … Who reports? 

Kenya? What about Kenya?