Happy IWD – International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day

Did someone say IWD is a day to especially celebrate working women?
I say no, I say IWD is in celebration of every woman.

Statistics Canada classifies you as a working woman if you are one of those women with a paying job. That leaves out a lot of women, the unpaid caregiver looking after children and parents, the retiree living on a limited pension, and a vast number of artists and musicians, students and others who struggle daily to make ends meet.

International Women’s Day is for all of us.

All of us … Each and every one of us.

Yesterday I had a friend argue the case for working artists, those who rise and work work work all day every day then hustle hustle hustle.

She pointed out that unless I am willing to work so diligently and hustle my work I am unworthy to call myself an artist. I do agree that the more time spent working on art the better a craftsman you will become. That is still no guarantee that you will be able to earn a living wage.

As for the hustling part? I told her I would prefer to take up prostitution except that I am too old now.

That got me to thinking about what some call the world’s oldest profession. It seems “ladies of the night” would be considered working women according to Statistics Canada, and thus more entitled to be included in IWD celebrations than their wageless sisters.

Ugly Woman

Magazine with picture of ugly woman on cover … Hmmmm … Would it sound better to say “ugly picture of woman”?

No matter, George … gallant of you to point it out to me as a source of reading for IWD.

And as you might be wondering why the women are depicted as so ugly … Well think maybe it has anything to do with the beatings?

I realize it might not be your favourite topic of discussion but until it stops …

And … Until women have financial independence

It should be the topic of every IWD day discussion

Why do women need financial independence?
Because it enables them to live in safer, healthier environments
Because it provides access to resources needed to escape from dangerous abusive situations.
Because they don’t have to trade their body and soul for room and board.

Doesn’t the thought of a woman being abused … or a man for that matter … Doesn’t it make you feel just a mite ugly too, George?


No George, no idea who that ugly woman is. George, put away that mirror.

Think Ahead

I’m thinking …

March 8, 2015 IWD

So … What exactly does that mean?
What do we anticipate?
Hope for?
Dream about?
What are we willing to question?
Ask for?

What’s it gonna be, George?
Good weather?
In March? Is that a reasonable request?
May as well hope for world peace.

Hmmm maybe hope for good weather by May

Mind if we think back,

It was March 8, 2012 and the weather was beautiful.

I had such great hopes, George. Wonder why I became invisible.

Do you suppose it was because I didn’t send any money?
I guess that’s what it was about … Raising money … Not about celebrating International Women’s Day was it?

So … Because I did not collect money … Because I had no money to donate … Well I was made invisible … Sigh … Story of my life …

Oh well … Better than the year I was thrown out of the local Bathurst NB IWD celebration because I was not content to be a nice little lady and sit quietly while the visiting dignitary droned on and on about how women needed to … Hmmm never did quite understand what the point of it all was … then again … Do motivational speakers ever really have a point?

Well no George, I was not unruly or argumentative. I simply openened my mouth … Asked a few questions … Hmmmm … Guess not all motivational speakers deal well with questions, do they?

Was I there by invitation? Well, it wasn’t free. I was sold a ticket to the event. I paid my own way in. No charity there.

I’ve not been to an IWD gathering since then.

This Year?

Will I?
I have no idea George? Is it really something for us … The invisible women? Or is it designed to provide higher salaries for NGO managers. It still isn’t the women who get the jobs, George. Women get the leftover scraps and we are only tolerated as long as we are content to remain unseen and unheard.

Speaking of scraps, George, you know all those cans and jars of food we’ve been thinking about donating to the food bank? Well, I’ve changed my mind.

Because I’m a poor artist? Well, maybe that too … But have you seen this:

No George I don’t think so … That stuff about throwing rotten eggs and tomatoes and mushy cream pies at politicians … No that was only in those old movies … Never be allowed today .. Besides … What a waste of good compost …

And no George … I don’t believe that throwing rotten eggs and tomatoes is a legitimate motivator for raising salaries … Besides … What’s all this fuss about raising minimum wage … Sure, it helps those who already have a job. What about those whu don’t … Those who don’t have a job I mean.