Ugly Woman

Magazine with picture of ugly woman on cover … Hmmmm … Would it sound better to say “ugly picture of woman”?

No matter, George … gallant of you to point it out to me as a source of reading for IWD.

And as you might be wondering why the women are depicted as so ugly … Well think maybe it has anything to do with the beatings?

I realize it might not be your favourite topic of discussion but until it stops …

And … Until women have financial independence

It should be the topic of every IWD day discussion

Why do women need financial independence?
Because it enables them to live in safer, healthier environments
Because it provides access to resources needed to escape from dangerous abusive situations.
Because they don’t have to trade their body and soul for room and board.

Doesn’t the thought of a woman being abused … or a man for that matter … Doesn’t it make you feel just a mite ugly too, George?

No George, no idea who that ugly woman is. George, put away that mirror.


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