Women’s Week

Women’s Week .. Did it begin or end on March 8, 2015?

Get out get out
Get out there
Get hustling
A friend did say
The other day
Get your name out there
Is what she advised

About the art
Hardly much
Except maybe
Offer deals
Like four for
A lesser price.
No mention of
But I read
The implication.

And now March 89
The perfect day
To hustle.
IWD once again pauses
And passes through
Don’t you know
Year after year

Free motivational workshops
Fixing women
Into places
They hardly feel
They belong
They’ve been so long
Window shopping

So any woman may attend
Only so many spaces
First come first served
Some will hear about it
Those who don’t
Better luck next year

Beyond fixing
Some might say
This lone soul-fed artist
Beyond reparation
Beyond reclamation
Well beyond redemption

She will learn
Upon this day
To hustle.
And she does

She grasps that
Asian repro
By the neck
And mounts
That monster
On her own
There is no sister
There to help
No brother
No other
But her self.

Happy IWD – International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day

Did someone say IWD is a day to especially celebrate working women?
I say no, I say IWD is in celebration of every woman.

Statistics Canada classifies you as a working woman if you are one of those women with a paying job. That leaves out a lot of women, the unpaid caregiver looking after children and parents, the retiree living on a limited pension, and a vast number of artists and musicians, students and others who struggle daily to make ends meet.

International Women’s Day is for all of us.

All of us … Each and every one of us.

Yesterday I had a friend argue the case for working artists, those who rise and work work work all day every day then hustle hustle hustle.

She pointed out that unless I am willing to work so diligently and hustle my work I am unworthy to call myself an artist. I do agree that the more time spent working on art the better a craftsman you will become. That is still no guarantee that you will be able to earn a living wage.

As for the hustling part? I told her I would prefer to take up prostitution except that I am too old now.

That got me to thinking about what some call the world’s oldest profession. It seems “ladies of the night” would be considered working women according to Statistics Canada, and thus more entitled to be included in IWD celebrations than their wageless sisters.