Women’s Week

Women’s Week .. Did it begin or end on March 8, 2015?

Get out get out
Get out there
Get hustling
A friend did say
The other day
Get your name out there
Is what she advised

About the art
Hardly much
Except maybe
Offer deals
Like four for
A lesser price.
No mention of
But I read
The implication.

And now March 89
The perfect day
To hustle.
IWD once again pauses
And passes through
Don’t you know
Year after year

Free motivational workshops
Fixing women
Into places
They hardly feel
They belong
They’ve been so long
Window shopping

So any woman may attend
Only so many spaces
First come first served
Some will hear about it
Those who don’t
Better luck next year

Beyond fixing
Some might say
This lone soul-fed artist
Beyond reparation
Beyond reclamation
Well beyond redemption

She will learn
Upon this day
To hustle.
And she does

She grasps that
Asian repro
By the neck
And mounts
That monster
On her own
There is no sister
There to help
No brother
No other
But her self.


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